Review Policy

Dear publishers, authors or visitors, welcome to my blog

It is an honor and happiness for me to receive a book that needs a review. Righy now I have a huge amount of books to read, but if I do receive a book that seems appealing to me, I will most likely accept it.

In terms of books I like to read, my greatest pleasure is when I read and review children’s books and romances( contemporary, historical, erotica…), although mysteries and thrillers are not out of the question.

I really enjoy when I have a real paper book in my hands, the smell is simply addictive…. but I have no problem reading an ebook, pdf or epub, it doesn’t really matter.

I do not post reviews of books I haven’t finished. I try to respect the time and skills invested in every book, so my reviews fucus on the positive aspects that I liked. I always post my reviews on my blog, as well as on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram …

Although I really want to accept as many books as possible, the greedy bookacholic that I am, it is not always possible, so if you are interested, please fill in the form below, by writing the title of your book and short synopsis, as well as your e-mail.

After I look at the request, I will personally reply to you with an answer as to whether I can accept your request or not.

Kind regards,