Ana D. is the lady behind The Magical World of Reading. Graduated from the BK Faculty of Philology (BA in English Language and Literature), she has been actively teaching English Language and Literature for more than 13 years. Throughout the years, she has taught students from all the grades. She has managed to accumulate valuable experience in implementing various teaching techniques in the teaching process, all with the sole purpose to contribute to making the learning of the English language enjoyable, memorable and high quality-oriented. In the last years she has also been involved in several different educational initiatives and projects that try to promote the importance of reading and the value of books in the development of children and adolescents.
She herself enjoys traveling in the world of fantasy, through the written word and sharing her views, thoughts and reviews in connection with the books she reads.

If you are interested in reading more from her, you can follow her on twitter @magical-reading, or facebook .