The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

We usually associate cold winter and rainy days with a cup of tea, a good book, and a comfortable reading corner. We believe that all lovers of the written word enjoy visiting libraries, holy places where silence and imagination are the main drivers. Let us introduce you to the five most beautiful libraries that we are sure you would love to visit.

Places that celebrate books and reading, the aesthetically beautiful interior, and the warm atmosphere are a dream come true of every book lover.

Have a hot cup of tea and let’s visit the most beautiful libraries in the world….

1. Nigella Lawson’Private, London

Located in west London, this library is owned by a British writer, cook, and host of a successful culinary show. From floor to ceiling it is filled with millions of titles including 6,000 culinary works.


2. Admont Abbey, Austria

It was built in 1776 and is the largest monastery library in the world. It looks irresistible because it is incredibly reminiscent of the library from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”, which contains more than 200,000 books.


3. George Peabody, Baltimore

This library is a gift from George Peabody, one of Baltimore’s wealthiest residents. His gesture of gratitude today has become a must-see world attraction.


4. The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination, Connecticut

Another private library that contains more than 20,000 titles whose common theme is the limitlessness of the creative human mind. Perfect ensemble consisting of hanging platforms and luminous glass panels.


5. The Austrian National Library, Vienna

Austria’s largest library is a perfect example of the grandeur and magnificent architecture. This library is home to more than 7 million books and objects of historical significance.


6. Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This sumptuous library (yes, a library can be sumptuous!) is one of South America’s most famous and is certainly among the planet’s most picturesque. Created in 1837 as a repository for Portuguese literature, visitors come from all over to admire its decorative style of design. Four stories of books are held lovingly by extravagantly carved bookcases that are crowned by a magnificent chandelier and a dazzling blue and red stained-glass cupola.  


7. Tianjin Binhai Library

The Tianjin Binhai Library is one of the youngest—therefore, most modern—world-famous libraries. Opened in 2017, it’s located in the cultural center of the Binhai district in Tianjin, China, a coastal metropolis outside Beijing. Its most eye-catching feature is the large spherical auditorium in the center, surrounded by rows of bookshelves that—on top of holding 1.2 million books—”act as everything from stairs to seating,” said a 2017 press release from architecture firm MVRDV. The shelves’ contours also flow along two glass facades that link the library to a park outside.


Do you agree with our choice?
If you think that another library should be on our list, please write to us …..

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