January Wrap-Up

I just do not know how I manage to juggle all the activities in everyday life and manage to read. Having children is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, but sometimes I am really tired after the daily tantrums and sleepless nights. And whenever I feel that I have no more patience, I enjoy some alone time and indulge in the magic of the written word.

And there are many authors, many fascinating books waiting to be read, but my choice for last month were these books.

  1. Change My Game by Kelsey Clayton

After reading Corrupt My Mind and discovered this gifted author, I was more than eagerly expecting the release of this new story. Did I drop everything just to read this book? Oh, you bet I did! The clock was ticking, the pages turning, page after page, chapter after chapter….Imagine my surprise, when I realized it was almost morning and I was devouring the last chapter…..So, you can probably tell I REALLY enjoyed this book!

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2. Only One Night by Natasha Madison

If you have read the previous books in this series, then you’ll be delighted to read Manning’s story. If you haven’t read it, don’t worry, it can be read as a standalone. The third one in a series. Only One Night is a book that will delight readers with flirty banter, sexy and sweet scenes.

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3. Savage Vow by Zoe Blake

No one can know what is going on behind closed doors… The author opens the doors to the glamorous world of the privileged and powerful… Outside glamor and generosity, every perk of being rich on display… inside packed flames that try to swallow even the little humanity that remained. Sometimes even the noblest families hide darkness and secrets that can embarrass the devil himself…..

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4. Little Lies by Helena Hunting

This book is true perfection in 333 pages! The heartbreaking and unforgettable love story of Lavender Waters and Kodiak Bowman will leave no reader indifferent.

Sometimes the one who saves you is the one who will destroy you. And the truth has many sides, right? The most horrible words can hide even the most beautiful love verses…

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5. Whatever You Need By S. Jones

This book is a fantastic choice for all those who believe in love at first sight. Those who think that fate and its games are part of everyday life. Those who are looking for a story that is full of sweet and hot scenes, but also enough drama and secrets that can keep your attention until the very end, then this is a very solid choice to read.

This book is a fantastic choice for all those who believe in love at first sight. Those who think that fate and its games are part of everyday life. Those who are looking for a story that is full of sweet and hot scenes, but also enough drama and secrets that can keep your attention until the very end, then this is a very solid choice to read.

Plans are part of everyone’s life. Short-term or long-term plans that will lead you to the desired goal. And it takes years to achieve what you wanted. Years filled with hard work and commitment.

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6. O Magnet by Tessa Layne

Tessa Lane once again manages to create an exciting story where the boundaries between work and pleasure completely fade, and passion culminates in an unexpected explosion …. A book that will keep your attention until the very end with its unique mixture of humor and gentle sensuality.

Is there anything more exciting than what is forbidden? To see it every day, to desire it , to imagine every day without being allowed to approach and touch ….. And then a poorly planned move allows you to indulge in that sinful enjoyment at least for a short time and to fulfill all those fantasies that have been tormenting for years ….

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7. Fearless Rebel by Hildie McQueen

I’m sure that all those who have read the previous books in this series, are looking forward to this new story. A book that is standalone, yet part of a series of romances where the heroes are sexy highlanders, and the heroines are brave women who will bring those men to their feet.

Hildie McQueen is one of the authors who opens the gates of the past with each new story that is similar, yet so different from the previous. With her magical gift with words she draws us into that distant world, forcing us to turn the pages, eagerly seeking to know what will happen next.

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8. Not My Match by Ilsa Madden Mills

If you’ve enjoyed the spellbinding ‘Not My Romeo’ story, I’m sure you’ve been eagerly expecting the second story in the series. And now it is finally here, this story that will delight readers with its mix of sweet and swoony moments, spiced with enough humor that will keep you nailed to the pages from beginning to end.

A true love story. And what exactly is love? Maybe it is that feeling that overwhelms you, dulling your sense and forces you to trust and make yourself vulnerable only to be hurt and abandoned in the end. It’s not worth it…

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9. My Highland Warrior by Miriam Minger

I have always been fascinated by stories that take place in the past, in a time that is known, and yet hides so many secrets. And it is no secret that among my favorite stories are those that include sexy highlanders. Powerful warriors, whose honor and beliefs are reminiscent of true values ​​and heart-warming romantic

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10. A Vow of Hate by Lylah James

Well, Lylah James did make us wait, prolonging the release of this story of unrequired love, heartbreak, jealousy, and redemption. Drop by drop teasing us with small unrelated parts that only managed to inflame the readers’ imagination…. Cruelty, pain, death, revenge…. every single bit is so skillfully intertwined in a story that talks about the fine line between hate and love. A story in which truths are hidden behind a black veil and the borders are shifted…

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11. Loyalty and Lies by L.A Cotton

If you are looking for a story that will delight you with its unique plot and that will draw you into its world from the very beginning, then you should definitely not miss this book. But be prepared to commit to some time, as this is only the first part of a wonderful series.

Seeking her place in this world, fleeing as far away from home as possible, Savannah Parry tries to start a new life in Chasity Falls. New school, new friends …

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How do you deal with the stress of everyday life? Do you enjoy reading?

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