Awkwardly Perfect by S.E. Rose #Review

Title: Awkwardly Perfect

Author: S.E. Rose 

Series: Perfectly Imperfect Love #4

Release Date: February 3rd 2021

Length:  232 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Fashion is Kylie Moore’s life. High-end couture and thousand-dollar handbags make her heart sing. When she gets the chance to work at the world’s leading fashion magazine, she jumps at the opportunity. Everything is falling into place until she meets the focus of her first assignment.

Levi Sanderson—the fashion-phobic billionaire CEO.

**** My Review ****

I did not expect that this book would be such a quick and fun escape from my everyday problems.  With light content, an interesting plot, and quite colorful characters, Awkwardly Perfect is a fantastic choice for a lazy afternoon read or something to relax you in between more challenging reads.

Sometimes we miss things in life that we did not even know we needed. Chasing her dreams lead her to New York, the city of many opportunities. She’s ready to pursue her dreams, and the least she expects the awkward feelings that overwhelm her when she sees him for the first time. This persistent young lady and her incredible desire for success will put them on the same line. One step forward, one step back, and they both dance to some new music that makes them get closer and closer. Neither age, nor status, nor strangeness matters … but what will happen when plans and desires begin to change? And the closeness brings desires that are too hard to ignore?! Are the feelings enough to overcome all obstacles?

The story is extremely light and entertaining, with enough drama and depth to keep you interested from the beginning to the end. It is beautifully written using a dual narrative that shifts seamlessly between Levi and Kylie’s thoughts. Some parts do seem a bit far-fetched, which gives the impression of reading a modern fairytale. And I always think, what ???? This has no chance of happening in real life, but I keep reading books with such tropes because they bring back memories of a childhood filled with fairy tales reminiscent of eternal love. And deep down I want to believe that true love can beat every obstacle. Its size is just perfect for a swift consumption in one sitting. The beginning a bit slow, but once you manage to find your groove, you won’t be able to put it down till the very end.

I also liked the balance between the main and sharing characters. Unlike many books where the focus is mainly on the main characters, here we have a whole tapestry of interesting characters that fit perfectly into the whole storyline. We get an insight into the lives of Kylie’s family members, whom we have met in previous books, but also a full insight into the thoughts of the heroine. The girl who captivates with her unique mixture of practicality and dreaminess, with her incredible acumen and sense for fashion, as well as her emotionality. Levy on the other hand is socially and fashion awkward, a man who with his undeniable genius is blind to some emotional aspects of life. Together they are really perfect with all their flaws and differences. Although the attraction is instant, I like that the building of their relationship is slower, more gradual, with enough time to get to know each other.

If you are looking for the perfect book for the beach or a light read that will make you laugh to tears and remind you of a fairy tale, then this book is a great choice for you. But if you are looking for a book that will provide a fun and interesting escape from reality, then this is definitely a perfect one.

****About the Author****

USA Today & International Bestselling romance author, S.E. Rose lives near Washington D.C. with her family. When she’s not wrangling her cats or keeping up with her kids, she’s plotting her next story.

She loves all things wine, coffee, and cats. In her non-existent free time, she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, binging on her favorite shows, and reading, especially if it’s a good mystery or comedy.

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