My Highland Warrior by Miriam Minger #Review

Title: My Highland Warrior

Author: Miriam Minger 

Series: Warriors of the Highlands #1

Release Date:   January 19th 2021

Length:  248 pages

Genre: Historical Romance  Romance

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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A brand-new delicious Highland historical romance from a beloved storyteller.

Fearsome Scots laird Gabriel MacLachlan must take a bride, but not just any bride. Magdalene, his liege lord’s younger sister is known to be as bonny as any Highland lass but as mad as a loon. Mad Maggie, they call her—and Gabriel has no choice. Not if he wants to put food in his clansmen’s bellies, clothes on their backs, and repair the crumbling castle he calls home. A fat dowry in exchange for a madwoman, whose life will be in danger from the MacLachlan family curse the instant she becomes his wife.

A generations-old curse, an honorable chieftain, a clever beauty—it’s the perfect recipe for a spirited Highland Romance.

**** My Review ****

I have always been fascinated by stories that take place in the past, in a time that is known, and yet hides so many secrets. And it is no secret that among my favorite stories are those that include sexy highlanders. Powerful warriors, whose honor and beliefs are reminiscent of true values ​​and heart-warming romanticism.

My Highland Warrior is a story about such a man. Gabriel, after the unfortunate death of his older brother, becomes the Laird of a clan that is slowly drowning in the problems caused by reckless management and distribution of goods. Neither his will, nor his honor, nor the strength of his body is sufficient to provide all the necessary living conditions for those innocent people who are under his protection. No matter how hard he tries, he has no choice but to accept the outrageous conditions imposed on him. Yes, the price is too high to pay … but there is no other choice. For all his people, for the smile on the faces of the children, for food in their bellies, he is cornered, without a way out. Married to a woman who hasn’t got her wits together. Beautiful like no other, a divine creature, but daft….. But is everything as it seems? What will happen when her eyes slowly begin to reveal truths that bring unprecedented relief but also unparalleled danger?

Miriam Minger has created a story that may not be historically accurate, but it is quite interesting and offers a new look at the past. A story that gives an overview of a society where women were just ordinary pawns without the right to will and opinion. Left to themselves and their resourcefulness to avoid the shackles imposed on them by the men who are responsible for their decisions and their lives. Magdalene is a character who captivates with her inventiveness. A girl, broken by pain after the tragic death of her sister and forced to an unthinkable solution to avoid a similar fate. Quite imaginative and cunning, she almost succeeds in her plan. But sometimes even the best plans have flaws. Gabriel, disgusted by what he is forced to do, tries to alleviate the situation. A noble and loyal, but above all an honorable man who is not afraid to look the truth for what it is. Their journey abounds with a range of interesting and funny situations that will make you laugh, but also quite romantic and tender moments that will soften your heart. The overall plot as well as the flow of the story are quite solid. Slightly stretched beginning and parts that are inclined towards ridiculousness, but overall, quite an interesting story that will keep your attention until the very end.

If you, too, want to immerse yourself in a world full of humor and romance, a little bit of mystery, and inevitable battles, then definitely check out this book. A story that with its imagination will make you enjoy to the end.

****About the Author****

Miriam Minger is the bestselling author of sweet to sensual historical romances that sweep you from Viking times to Regency England to the American West. Miriam is also the author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, inspirational romance, and children’s books. She is the winner of several Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards–including Best Medieval Historical Romance of the Year for The Pagan’s Prize–and a two-time RITA Award Finalist for The Brigand Bride and Captive Rose.

Miriam Minger says: It’s been a wonderful experience to have all my novels published as eBooks, but the greatest thrill for me as a writer is when readers take the time to let me know they enjoyed my stories…

“I have read hundreds if not thousands of books in my lifetime and not once have I ever been moved to comment on one until now. This is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read. I laughed. I cried. I remained at the edge of my seat devouring every single word you wove with this incredible story. I just wanted to let you know how deeply this story moved me and to thank you for creating it.”

Wow. This one left me speechless, and thankful. I had done my job, which is to make you feel like you’ve dropped feet first into a world that captures your imagination and emotions so vividly you might be living and breathing the story. And that’s one of the purest joys of reading, isn’t it? I know it is for me, and it is my hope to continue to write books that make you live and breathe the adventure, laugh and cry, and that touch your heart.

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