Savage Vow by Zoe Blake #Review

Title: Savage Vow

Author: Zoe Blake

Series: Ivanov Crime Family #1

Release Date:  January 15, 2021

Length:  299 pages

Genre: Dark Mafia  Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I took her innocence as payment. 

She was far too young and naïve to be betrothed to a monster like me. 

I would bring only pain and darkness into her sheltered world. 

That’s why she ran.

I should’ve just let her go… 

She never asked to marry into a powerful Russian mafia family. 

None of this was her choice. 

Unfortunately for her, I don’t care. 

I own her… and after three years of searching… I’ve found her. 

My runaway bride was about to learn disobedience has consequences… punishing ones. 

Having her in my arms and under my control had become an obsession. 

Nothing was going to keep me from claiming her before the eyes of God and man. 

She’s finally mine… and I’m never letting her go.  

**** My Review ****

No one can know what is going on behind closed doors… The author opens the doors to the glamorous world of the privileged and powerful… Outside glamor and generosity, every perk of being rich on display… inside packed flames that try to swallow even the little humanity that remained. Sometimes even the noblest families hide darkness and secrets that can embarrass the devil himself…..

On the threshold of the beginning of a new chapter, young Samara faces the most painful situation in her life … sold, given to a man she fears. As if she were a commodity, not a human being. The only way out is to run away, but will she be able to hide from the monster that has the power to destroy her with just one glance … What will happen when the gaze is replaced by touch and all her sanity is lost?

And slowly the monster transforms into a prince. Great love is born and we get a perfect love story, right? Sorry, but that isn’t the case here. This is no ordinary love story. This is a dark and cold portrayal of human alienation, harsh criticism of society, and the search for warmth and acceptance. A story that will make you angry with its display of twisted values. This is a portrait of a woman who is considered an object, a woman whose world is being shattered, a woman who is controlled by her obsessive parents in every way.

The novel abounds with several disturbing scenes that stick to the reader’s brain and stay there for a long time. It abounds in numerous artistic remarks, thought processes, and sexually perverted details that are not intended to ignite flames at all – but rather to wreak havoc and shock, at least that is how I felt.

Samara Federov can only express her emotions through her painting. She felt no pain until Gregor Ivanov entered her life. Torn between her dominant parents, the dark desires hidden deep inside her, and the desperate need to be respected as a person, she tries to catch the reins of her life and runs away. And her whole personality is somehow contradictory in itself. On the one hand, she is a calm and withdrawn artistic soul, on the other hand, an adventurer who is not afraid to oppose the powerful mafia boss and escape. Gregor Ivanov is a ruthless man who without any hesitation takes what he wants and has no regard for others. And honestly, no matter how hard I tried to find the light in him, I somehow failed. His treatment of heroine was simply repulsive, as was his way of thinking. Yes, it must be admitted that the chemistry between them is quite explosive, but what I personally lacked was a slightly deeper emotional connection. Somehow the part with grand love came to me too fast and wasn’t sufficiently elaborated. Also, I believe that a deeper study of Russian culture and family life, as well as the Orthodox believes would contribute to a better elaboration of the overall family relationships in the book, because some of the twists and turns seemed slightly far-fetched.

This book captured me and upset me. It made me think that everyone around us has their hidden side that they skillfully hide behind the mask placed on their face.  A book that is not for everyone’s taste and that will definitely provoke various emotions.



#2 Vicious Oath – Releasing February 19


#3 Betrayed Honor – Releasing March 19


****About the Author****

USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance

She delights in writing Dark Romance books filled with overly-possessive Billionaires, Taboo scenes and Unexpected twists. ​She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, travel and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she’s lucky enough to be married to a sexy Chef.




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