My Most Anticipated 2021 Book Releases

Maybe my TBR list is really long, and the library- more than full, but I always look forward to new releases. I read and look for information on books that will be available soon and just add to my TBR, which has no bottom anyway.

The first thing I check is if one of my favorite authors is publishing a new book that I would like to read, but I always take into consideration other books  that are available. I like to experiment, and give chance to a debut novels or works written by authors I do not know. Sometimes I make mistakes, but sometimes I come across a real treasure hidden between the pages.

This is a list of books that I look forward to reading in 2021:

Not My Match by Ilsa Madden Mills

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills delivers a smart and sexy romance about a professional football hottie and the girl he’s sworn to never touch.

Homeless and heartbreakingly innocent, Giselle Riley walks into my penthouse and chaos follows.

I shouldn’t have invited the girl genius to live with me, but it’s clear she needs my help—not only for a place to lay her pretty blonde head but in finding real love, which she’s not going to get with the crazy men she picks up online.

Too bad she’s a twenty-four-year-old virgin and I’m a bad boy wide receiver. She’s off limits for a hardcore player like me—and we’re just friends.

Instead, I’m her matchmaking service, no matter how jealous it makes me when I tag along on her dates.

I can keep my self-control. Right? No way will I give in to everything inside me that dreams of a girl like her in my world.

I may be the best wide receiver in the country, but how could I hold on to a girl like her?

A Co-Worker’s Crush by Pipe Rayne

Three tattoo guns.
Five motorcycle tires.
Countless T-shirts.

That’s what I lost before I realized nothing good comes from dating my co-workers.

Usually, I don’t have much self-control. So, the fact that Frankie Grant is a hot, talented tattoo artist means it’s a damn miracle she hasn’t already been in my bed. But nothing can happen between us because Frankie comes with Jolie, her young daughter, and a crap load of baggage from her ex. And those are two things I never entertain.

Anyone who knows me—the screwed up foster kid from the wrong side of the tracks—knows I’m not the guy you take home to meet your parents, let alone your kid. But I also know what it’s like not to have parents, so things get complicated when Jolie asks me to be her daddy.

I might as well just slash my own tires now.

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Baker Reena Manji is content with her life, but her meddling family is determined to find her a “Good Muslim Husband.” And it turns out he’s right across the hall…and basically perfect. But he was also chosen by her parents, which means Reena wants nothing to do with him. That is, until she has the opportunity of a lifetime to enter a couples cooking competition.

Second First Impressions by  Sally Thorne 

From the USA Today  bestselling author of The Hating Game and 99 Percent Mine comes the clever, funny, and unforgettable story of a muscular, tattooed man hired as an assistant to two old women—under the watchful eye of a beautiful retirement home manager.

Distraction (n): an extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.

Ruthie Midona has worked the front desk at the Providence Luxury Retirement Villa for six years, dedicating her entire adult life to caring for the Villa’s residents, maintaining the property (with an assist from DIY YouTube tutorials), and guarding the endangered tortoises that live in the Villa’s gardens. Somewhere along the way, she’s forgotten that she’s young and beautiful, and that there’s a world outside of work—until she meets the son of the property developer who just acquired the retirement center.

Teddy Prescott has spent the last few years partying, sleeping in late, tattooing himself when bored, and generally not taking life too seriously—something his father, who dreams of grooming Teddy into his successor, can’t understand. When Teddy needs a place to crash, his father seizes the chance to get him to grow up. He’ll let Teddy stay in one of the on-site cottages at the retirement home, but only if he works to earn his keep. Teddy agrees—he can change a few lightbulbs and clip some hedges, no sweat. But Ruthie has plans for Teddy too.

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Software engineer Daisy Patel has her life figured out and that does not include finding love or getting married — much to the dismay of her family members. To get her family off her back, Daisy asks her old childhood crush, Liam Murphy, to pose as her fiancé. Liam, who needs to be married in order to get his inheritance, agrees. However, after a series of fake dates sparks fly, but the duo soon realizes that their arrangement isn’t convenient for either of them.

The Little French Bridal Shop by Jennifer Dupee

Larisa Pearl has recently returned home to her small seaside town in Massachusetts to care for her aunt’s estate, but things in her life haven’t been going well. Larisa has lost her job, boyfriend and her mother’s health is declining. One day as Larisa passes The Little French Bridal Shop, a beautiful wedding gown catches her eye and before she knows it, she’s planning a wedding without a groom. The whole town now knows as does her teenage crush, Jack Merill. Lost in the web of her own lies, Larisa must face reality and be open to finding true love.

A Lady’s Formula for Love by Elizabeth Everett

In Everett’s exciting debut, she introduces us to Lady Violet, a leading scientist of her time who forms a secret group for the brilliant women in her society and undertakes a secret mission for the monarchy. But she also hides affections for her bodyguard Arthur, who struggles between following duty or his heart.

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan

Naomi is the co-founder of a successful sex-positive start-up who’s looking to become a lecturer in higher education. Ethan was named one of L.A.’s hottest bachelors and is the rabbi of his own (struggling) synagogue. In order to boost both of their careers, the two partner up to form an exciting new seminar about modern intimacy. But of course, the experiment becomes so much more.

And I Love You the Most by Willow Winters

An epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love…
Marcus, the villain.
Cody Walsh, the FBI agent who knows too much.
And Delilah, the lawyer caught in between.

This is the third and final book in the This Love Hurts trilogy.

The Invitation by Vi Keeland

The first time I met Hudson Rothschild was at a wedding. I’d received an unexpected invitation to one of the swankiest venues in the city.

Hudson was a groomsman and quite possibly the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. He asked me to dance, and our chemistry was off the charts.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with him, considering the wedding I was at. But our connection was intense, and I was having a great time.

Though the fun came to a screeching halt when Hudson figured out I wasn’t who I’d said I was. You see, that unexpected invitation I received? Well, it hadn’t actually been addressed to me—it was sent to my ex-roommate who’d bounced a check for two months’ rent and moved out in the middle of the night. I figured she owed me an expensive night out, but I guess, technically, I was crashing the wedding.

Once caught, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. As I bolted for the door, I might’ve plucked a few bottles of expensive champagne off the tables I passed, all while the gorgeous, angry groomsman was hot on my tail.

Outside, I jumped into a taxi. My heart ricocheted against my ribs as we drove down the block—but at least I’d escaped unscathed.

Or so I thought.

Until I realized I’d left my cell phone behind at the table.

Take one guess who found it?

This is the crazy story of how Hudson Rothschild and I met. But trust me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.


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