Portrait of a Forbidden Love: A Sexy Regency Romance by Bronwyn Scott #Review

Title: Portrait of a Forbidden Love: A Sexy Regency Romance

Author: Bronwyn Scott

Release Date:  January 1st 2021

Length:  288 pages

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Earl’s heir

And the rebel artist Artemisia Stansfield has four months to prove herself to the Royal Academy of Arts. When she finds out that aristocratic art critic Darius Rutherford has been snooping in her studio, she’s furious! Sparks of anger turn into flames of desire, but one lapse in judgment could give Darius all the fuel he needs to ruin her, as a lady and as an artist! Unless she trusts him enough to take the risk…

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

The Rebellious Sisterhood

Female artists…taking their world by storm!

Book 1: Portrait of a Forbidden Love

**** My Review ****

I have always been fascinated by books that talk about the time when women had few legal and economic rights. When they were victims of a patriarchal society. When they had to subordinate first to their fathers and, then, to their husbands. And,  of course, the husbands had to be chosen by their fathers. Women were not entitled to an education, and their only role was to marry and have children. Being a woman at the time this book is set in was hard. But being a talented woman who wants to stand side by side with men was extremely difficult, and not always possible. Something like that required unprecedented courage and determination.

Those two characteristics describe our heroine, Artemisia Stansfield, and her struggle to get the recognition she deserves for her art, in a man’s world. But neither her talent nor her desire is enough to be accepted in that male world. Obtaining a deadline in which it has to prove that it is as valuable as the other members seem amazing. But she does not account for the obstacles that the academy will try to put in her path to success. She does not account for the feelings that Darius Rutherford will arouse in her. The man who is sent to spy on her is the one who will shake her and cause a multitude of emotions. But are those feelings mutual? What will come out of it all?

I am amazed by the fact that the author has not written a classic love story that takes place in this period. Balls, a drama about marriages, or ladies in distress is so common in historical fiction. But with her incredible talent for words, this author has created a work that glorifies the struggle of women for equality. For the perseverance and determination of a woman to fight for her place in this male world. But also for love, as an essential part of life. Success, education, and love as unity. The characters are fantastically constructed, with enough depth for the reader to be able to identify and understand their actions. Artemisia as a young, strong, and independent woman is a truly amazing character that will long remain in the memory of readers. And Darius, a man that women would dream of today. Loyal and consistent, with enough love, understanding, and support for his beloved, he is a perfect hero.

If you are looking for a slightly different story from the past, which will delight you with its unique storyline and amazing characters, you should read it. Believe me, you will enjoy it.

****About the Author****

Bronwyn Scott writes historical romances for Harlequin, Mills and Boon. She has 50 titles currently in print with them.

Bronwyn’s 2018 release, Dancing with the Duke’s Heir was RITA finalist.
Bronwyn’s 2009 novel, The Viscount Claims His Bride was a RomCon finalist for best short historical, as was her 2011 release, A Thoroughly Compromised Lady.

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