My Favorite Duets of 2020

 I have always been an avid reader, but due to the whole pandemic situation, this year I broke my own record. I read almost 190 books, including several duets. And every book, every story has something special. However, there are books that simply engrave in your thoughts and memories and take a special place on your shelf.

These two duets are definitely like that. Books that delighted me and remained in my mind long after I read the last page.

You know I need You by willow winters, contemporary romance, second chance, unexpected pregnancy, must read, bestseller

You Know Me Duet by Willow Winters

Everyone who follows my blog knows that Willow Winters is an author who proudly holds 1st place on my list of ‘Whatever this author writes, I’ll read’. And each of her books has a special place on my shelf, as well as in my thoughts. But this duet left me speechless and panting for more. You Know I Love You enchanted me with every impeccably written word speaks of devotion and love- love that makes you swoon and cry at the same time – a unique relationship that is hard to find, and yet destroyed due to recklessness…. I literally counted down the days until You Know I Need You landed on my kindle. And after reading this duet, once again I say that Willow Winters is in a class by herself. With the right amount of suspense and romance, this book is a real roller coaster of emotions that no reader should miss.

The Entitled Duet by Cassandra Robbins

My Favorite Book Duets of 2020

I’m not ashamed to admit that I got The Entitled because it was free on Amazon. I must add that the interesting cover also contributed to the decision, as well as the hottie on the cover. He most definitely caught my attention. But as soon as I started reading it, there was no force that could make me leave it. Immediately after finishing, I bought The Enlightened, which also delighted me with its deep emotionality and captivating story. A story that so innocently reminds me of soul mates, two pieces of a puzzle that are everything together, but nothing separated.

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