December Wrap-Up

Hello dear friends,

Before I start my list, I would like to wish you happy holiday. May this new year bring you wealth, health and good fortune

To say that 2020 has been an unpredictable ride through the pandemic is an understatement. But as we near the end of this year, we all should accept the fact that with every passing year, one should leave behind the bad memories and mistakes. So now, as we embrace the upcoming year, 2021, let us all be positive and cheery with shining spirits and aspirations for the future.

Now lets focus on my list!

17 Books that I read in December


Hard to Hold by K.Bromberg


One step to complete success, only to find out that the debt from the past has to be paid. The bill always comes at the end, the price is high, but the promise must be fulfilled …. And it does not matter at all what is the truth in that world of power and fame one believes in what is served …. The price is that , but at least in all that chaos, she appears , the beautiful girl who surpasses everyone with her charm and looks … just perfect, a little fun in the meanwhile…. but what will happen when the fun becomes something so important, and instead of wanting the time to pass faster, we want it to slow down ….

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Ridden Hard by  Kim Loraine  

One wild night, no strings attached…just one night, no rules, no plans, no expectations or obligations…just one night of unbearable passion and complete surrender…and that’s it… Losing everything that she worked for, seeing her marriage and life fall apart, feeling insecure and devastated forces our strong heroine to do something rather unusual for her. She decides to pull herself together, put some lipstick and pour herself a drink…Lots of alcohol and a sexy-as-sin cowboy, who manages to fulfill her every naughty fantasy…a perfect cure for her broken heart…Months go by, but the memory of that passionate night is still engraved into every inch of their bodies. The plan was simple, yet the connection is stronger, the hot night resulted in a nice surprise….

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No Commitment by Liza Suzanne


This wonderful story by Liza Suzanne shows us that although life paths and some decisions can take us to completely different places, the heart never forgets where it belongs … The heart remembers everything even when we try to forget…

The story of Danielle and Taylor is simply so emotional, a tale about fear and passion … anger and love … two soul mates, two teenagers … unfulfilled desires, unspoken feelings, unforgettable love…. Obligations, disappointment, hasty decisions, resentment…everything culminates and separates them, although both souls scream for each other, the hearts remember, the bodies remember while they try to move on… And after two long years, they stand against each other, and the feelings are stronger than ever, the solution is here, but the secret is here as well, the secret that has the power to destroy or heal, the secret that connects and at the same time divides… Do they have the strength to overcome the darkness and step into the light of that wonderful love? Can they forget and forgive?

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On The Rebound (Steinbeck U #1) by L.A. Cotton

sports-romance-angst-enemies to oversAmazing-read-favorite-book-hot-romance

Every time I read a book by an author who is new to me I try to keep my expectations low so that the thrill is greater. And L. A Cotton has managed to leave me breathless this time. Her writing high jacked my thoughts from the very beginning, giving me everything I love in a book and more. Surely, I’ve read lots of amazing YA angsty romance, but this one here left me gasping for air and on the edge of my seat till the end, lifting this genre to a whole new level.

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The Revenge Pact by Ilsa Madden-Mills


We all have those books that we just click with. They make us feel all happy inside because they just speak to us, shouting “you love me because I’m awesome.” This, for me, was one of those books, and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than a book I just click with.

 I read this in one sitting, I was blown away by the sweet–and slightly angsty–story. I sighed. I laughed. I swooned, I admired the amazing characters and fell completely and utterly in love with River Tate.

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Good With His Hands by Lauren Blakely & Lili Valente


Just seeing the book, the amazing authors, the excellent title…… I was expecting a beautiful story, but as I progressed in reading, I realized that this book exceeded my expectations. Very much…

A beautiful book about love, in every form. A brother’s love for his sister; the love between a man and a woman, friends’ love, but also pain… So much pain, that we even wonder how much pain the human heart can endure.

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Counterfeit Lover by J.C. Farmer

Wanting to take a break from my favorite contemporary romance stories, I decided to give this book a go. With unusual twists and mystery right until the very end, I have to admit that this book kept my attention till the last page. Even though I’m not a fan of romantic thrillers, and sci-fi is at the bottom of my reading preferences, I liked this fast-paced journey where romance, science fiction, and mystery are greatly intertwined.

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Blood & Bone by Paula Dombrowiak #Review


 Being a rock star looks magical and glamorous. Playing music, traveling, and performing in front of people may seem like fun, but how hard is that journey to  the dark world of fame? To live to the fullest, parties, entertainment, popularity … but what happens when the lights go out? What is really behind all that glamor?

If you are also interested in finding out, then you definitely should not miss the story ‘Blood and Bone’ by Paula Domrowiak. A story in which the author very skillfully mixes the past and the present and leads us through the life of Jack O’Donnell.

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I Have Lived and I Have Loved by Top Shelf Romance


From the beginning to the end, I Have Lived and I Have Loved is filled with captivating, romantic stories that will stay in your heart long after you have read the last lines.

As you look at the titles and authors, you feel like you are in an amusement park, with all those rides and attractions, and you just do not know which one to choose first. Which order is right for you?

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Highland Treasure by Lynsay Sands

In her imaginative, quirky, and witty style, Lyndsay Sands delivers the next installment in her ‘Highland brides’ series with a tale of true love and belonging. Rory’s older brothers have all fallen prey to the charms of love and marriage, urging him and Alick to take brides, settle and experience the bliss and happiness of the marriage union. But between his studying, traveling, and healing, Rory hasn’t had the opportunity to meet ‘the one’ The lass who will manage to stir his emotion and separate the healer from the man.

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WolfeSword by Katryn Le Vegue

Since my Literature teacher forced me to read ‘Pride & Prejudice’ , historical romances have become my weakness and greatest pleasure. I enjoy traveling to distant worlds, to other times when other rules and principles applied. And believe me that Wolfe Sword is a journey that checks all the boxes when it comes to historical romances.

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Pu$$y Magnet: A Very Naughty RomCom (Titans of Tech #1) by  Tessa Layne

There are many types of books, there are some that after reading them you are no longer the same, because they make you reconsider, to think deeply, those that cause a storm of emotions and shake you, but also those that are like a balm on the wound, light and refreshing, like cold lemonade on a hot day, which relaxes you and do not burden you at all. Pu$$y Magnet is just that, perfect for days when you just want to relax and enjoy a light read that will bring a smile to your lips

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That Snowy Night by J.H. Croix

We all have some hidden secrets, hidden feelings, a part of us that we keep deep inside so that others cannot see, cannot hurt us. We are building walls to protect ourselves, to survive… This is the life of Delilah, a girl marked by the harshness of her past, who is afraid to let go and believe…

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The Fiancé by  Stefanie London


A sweet and interesting story that completely focuses on modern times, modern feelings, modern demons around us. A writer who is completely new to me, but who aims directly through thought, without the twists and turns of metaphors and piles of stylish figures.

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The Legend of a Rogue by  Darcy Burke

The story of Tavish and Elspeth is an exciting story about the past and the future. A story about destiny and love, in which myths, magic, and amazing characters are intertwined. It is short and really fast-paced. The complex story line, a little romance, engaging characters, and fantastic world building this is the perfect book for people who enjoy historical fantasy.

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The Villain by L.J Shen

‘The Villain’ is a heart-wrenching story about two people who ultimately need each other without even realizing how much until it’s almost too late. The amount of angst and turmoil keeps the pages turning and the sexual tension between Persephone and Cillian crackles with an intensity that will delight every romance lover.

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Christmas Charms by Teri Wilson

We all sometimes need to escape from the cruelty of our everyday life and believe in magic, at least for a few short hours to forget about everything and indulge in a more beautiful world …. This wonderful story offers all that and much more, a book that perfectly captures the magic of a wonderful holiday. Sweet and festive story that will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

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Have you read any of these books? What did you think about them?

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