The Toxicity of the Bookish World

I have to admit that I was disappointed these days by the bookish community. In the last few days, the literary world has been shaken by a series of scandalous statements involving many well-known authors and bloggers, including some of my favorites. Videos and posts containing truths, half-truths, and complete fabrications or irrelevant things were shared. Many of the members of this community took sides, supporting one side or the other, or both of them at the same time. It seems like people were eager to denigrate someone’s work and efforts, without being directly involved and not knowing the truth. They went so far as to write revisions on Goodreads for a book they had not read but simply wrote about the behavior of the author. But what is the truth?

It is a well-known fact that the truth has three sides. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much we read both sides, we will not be able to know what the truth is. But this type of behavior is horrible.

 I agree that bullying should not be tolerated in any case. But bullying is not solved so that those who have been bullied become bullies themselves. And what is so sad about people that makes them want to live other people’s lives? Are we becoming a community of people who can hardly wait for the opportunity to attack someone? Are we people who perceive berating as a form of pleasure?

That I’m upset is a weak expression of how I feel. For me, being an author means a great honor and pleasure. People spend their hard-earned money to have the opportunity to enjoy your words. Bloggers spend time and energy promoting your works, many of us completely free of charge. And at this point, you have used your words as well as members of this community to attack, denigrate, and harass someone for reasons that are known only to you. And this goes to both sides.

And when I think about the fact that a few days ago, my dream was to become part of the street teams of some of these authors. No, thank you!  I want to enjoy my right to write and share my opinions, not to be forced to boost someone’s ego in order to be part of something.


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