Dizzy Lizzie by Kat E. Erikson #Review

Title: Dizzy Lizzie

Author: Kat E. Erikson

Release Date:  May 14th 2020

Length:  32 pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Kat E. Erikson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Dizzy Lizzie may be the smallest kitten in her wild litter, but her determination is mighty. Born under an old house, in a dark wee den, with cobwebs in the corner and dirt underfoot, every day is a struggle for the tiny kitten, until she learns a trick or two to make sure she gets her share. But just as things seem to improve, Dizzy Lizzie’s home is destroyed and she is torn from her mother.

Soon, Lizzie is faced with a new set of problems, and if she wants to stick with her sister and secure a forever home, the little kitten must learn to curb her big temper. “No matter how teeny-tiny, no matter how weebly-wobbly,” Dizzie Lizzie vows, “I’ll find a way!” But as she tumbles from one calamity to the next, can Lizzie tame her tantrums and find her forever home?

Based on a true story, this beautifully illustrated and uplifting tale explores themes like loyalty, family love—whether that family is by blood or adoption—and never giving up.

**** My Review ****

As more and more kindergartens introduce new regulations or close and families across the world follow mandates and try to socially distance themselves to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, parents are scrambling for ideas on how to occupy their children – off the grid. So, if you want to keep the phones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems to a minimum, you can always choose a nice storybook to keep your kids engaged and occupied.

If you have a problem choosing a nice and interesting storybook, let me recommend Dizzy Lizzie by Kat E. Erikson. This picture book is complex and so simple at the same time. The author very skillfully tackles very serious topics such as the importance of family, the pain of separation, and perseverance as important traits of success. And all this is so masterfully reduced to a level where children can easily understand and think critically about all this.The story of the nine little kittens, and especially the part when they’re separated from their mother, is perfectly tailored to influence the emotional development of your little one, as well as to help develop children’s empathy for pets. I think this issue is especially important, and every parent should try to develop it from an early age. If we strive to have our children to grow into emotionally and socially responsible people who will have respect and empathy for the animal world, we need more storybooks such as this. The picture book additionally offers children the opportunity to develop an awareness of the importance of humans in the life and well-being of pets.

The witty sentences masterfully convey a very important message. Regardless of the size and appearance, every effort eventually leads to success and if we want to succeed in something, we just have to be persistent and do not give up. This further allows parents to encourage discussion with their little ones and to try to link little Lizzie’s persistence and stubbornness with everyday life events.

Dizzy Lizzie is a great choice for any family with preschoolers. The lyrical rhyme, the cute illustrations as well as the interesting story are guaranteed to keep the attention of your kids until the very end of the picture book. And be prepared to reread it once you finish the last lines, your kids will be shouting for more.

****About the Author****

Kat E. Erikson is a writer of children’s fiction. Daydreaming and reading were her favorite pastimes as a child, and little has changed. She used to leave the last page of novels unread, so she didn’t have to say goodbye to the friends in the story she’d grown to love.

Her love for animals started early too. While in second grade, she wrote her first “animal welfare” letter, asking a big company to be kinder to animals. And she’s still at it, all these years later!

Kat published her first book, Pet-Friendly Francie, during the 100th Anniversary of American Humane’s Be Kind To Animals Week and her second book, Dizzy Lizzie, for National Pet Month. Kat is also a graduate of the Resonance Science Academy’s Unified Science Course, that highlights the divine connection we humans share with each other, our animal friends, Mother Nature, and the Universe at large.

Kat makes her home in Northern California with her rescue cats, Lizzie and Kimba, who follow her around like dogs and roll on their backs while she writes. For more about Kat, animal-friendly fun, and ways to help our feathered, leathered, and furry friends, please visit KatEErikson.com

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