Counterfeit Lover by J.C. Farmer #Review

Title: Counterfeit Lover

Author: J.C. Farmer

Series: American Fairytale #1

Release Date:  10th 2020

Length:  315 pages

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Darrin Clark is an impoverished young man, madly in love with his long-time friend Janie. He is desperate for a job, and any way to win Janie’s affections. Then a Hollywood studio promises to make him a movie star—if he will submit to a face-modifying procedure they are developing.

Darrin’s love overcomes his fear, and he allows the movie studio to alter his face. Soon his dreams come true. He is extraordinarily handsome, rich, and popular, full of the confidence he needs to earn Janie’s love. Yet, changing faces doesn’t seem enough, and the studio wants him to sacrifice more of his identity than just his appearance.

His plan to win Janie’s heart becomes complicated when she unexpectedly joins the cast and changes her face too. Now a gorgeous star, she’s pursued by prominent, powerful men, and beneath the glitz and glamour, Darrin finds himself in a world of death and deceit, where anyone can have any face.

Several of his friends are murdered by a mysterious killer who sets Janie in his sights, and the ability to alter appearances seems to make the criminal invincible. Darrin must abandon his pursuit of Janie, simply hoping to keep her alive. The only way to outsmart the ruthless villain is to risk everything. How drastic a transformation is Darrin willing to make for love?

**** My Review ****

Wanting to take a break from my favorite contemporary romance stories, I decided to give this book a go. With unusual twists and mystery right until the very end, I have to admit that this book kept my attention till the last page. Even though I’m not a fan of romantic thrillers, and sci-fi is at the bottom of my reading preferences, I liked this fast-paced journey where romance, science fiction, and mystery are greatly intertwined.

Darrin Clarke and Janie Norman are two best childhood friends, who are connected by deeper feelings than simple friendship. Both of them are struggling to succeed and pursue their dreams in Hollywood. He is willing to go through anything to make it big in Hollywood, especially Janie Norman. Thrown into a movie set with a new identity, trying to understand everything that is happening, seeing the best of Hollywood under the threat of modern technology, Darrin’s only wish remains to keep his loved one alive. He goes from one adventure to another and each one proves to be more dangerous and life-threatening. Will he succeed?

This imaginative thriller will take you on a journey into the magical world of Hollywood and you’ll meet all the famous icons of the past. Reading about current and former icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Tesla Elvis, James Dean is something that really makes this book even more compelling.   The author skillfully presented each character, adding details about their personality and achievements. Add the threat of modern-age technology, and it’s guaranteed that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning the pages, attempting to discover what happens next. The plot was quite refreshing, unpredictable, and truly engaging. It was greatly paced for the better part of the book, and the few slow parts can be ignored if we consider the rest. The main characters are well-developed, relatable, and complex at the same time. We see them as the driving force of all the dynamics of the story as well as the bearers of common sense amidst all that craziness.

Good pacing, smooth prose, unusual action scenes, and a dash of romance make this book a really good choice for every reader. I normally am not inclined to read this type of story, but surprisingly I’ glad I did read this one. Romance, science fiction, and mystery never seemed like a good combination, until I read this one. And trust me the devastating cliffhanger will leave you hungry for the next installment.

****About the Author****

Jerome Connelly Farmer has had a successful career as an engineer, inventor and technology consultant. He has three engineering degrees from Stanford and an MBA from the Anderson School. He has several patents and spent many years managing engineering teams and consulting for high-tech firms, movie studios, and Fortune 500 companies.

J.C. was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He is an airplane pilot, sailor, scuba diver and avid traveler; he has explored Tibet, camped in the Australian outback, canoed through the Amazon River, and retraced segments of Ernest Shackleton’s famous rescue in Antarctica. J. C.’s passion for wildlife photography has taken him to all seven continents, including searching for Komodo dragons in Indonesia, wild macaws in the Peruvian jungle, endangered species in the Galapagos Islands, duck-billed platypus in Australia, and white rhinoceros in Botswana.

J.C. is the author of the children’s book Santa’s Dashboard. Writing combines his love for adventure, invention and exploration.

When he is not traveling, J.C. lives in Solana Beach, CA.

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