The Pugly Duckling by Carla Siravo #Review

Title: The Pugly Duckling

Author: Carla Siravo

Illustrator: P. Santiago

Release Date:  December 8th 2020

Length:  36  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Indigo River Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Jean and Joe Duck were oh-so-surprised, When their duckling hatched, not quite the right size, With a curly-swirly tail and hairy-scary paws, And furry fat rolls and sharp beast claws. They loved their son, though he was ugly, Not quite a duckling, and a little bit pugly.

**** My Review ****

We read ‘The Pugly Duckling’ last night, my little one enjoyed the story of the sad puppy and wondered how a puppy could hatch from an egg. And I was simply amazed by the uniqueness and weight of this seemingly ordinary children’s book. The moment we are aware of the uniqueness of other individuals, we will gain awareness of our value, and when we accept everyone as a part of life we ​​will understand the message that is so effectively woven into every effectively chosen word in this picture book.

No two people are the same.

They can look different, sound different, dress differently. They may have different customs, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and religions. They may have different abilities. They can live in different houses or different families.

Children need to learn that being different is normal.

As children grow, they learn from their parents. That is why this book is a real treasure and should be a part of every family library. A story that conveys the true wisdom of diversity in a very simple and interesting way. John the pug is a great character, who is a very effective way to shows the emotional side of this problem of being different. How can one feel when he is different when he is ridiculed when he is not accepted by the environment. This character can greatly contribute to the development of empathy for others. And the illustrations are just fantastic, not only will they capture and retain your child’s attention, but they will also help the child visualize and relate the story to a picture. The book additionally offers huge opportunities that allow you to involve the child in conversation and to discuss topics that are certainly present in your daily life. Surely at least once your child has asked you a question like “Why is that person in a wheelchair?”, “Why does that person have different skin color than me?” or “Why does that person wear funny clothes?”, and this wonderful picture book offers you the opportunity to discuss all those questions, to encourage the child to think critically and to draw his conclusions.

A fantastic picture book that should be a must-read for all children. Easy to follow and with the right language structures, this picture book is a great choice for a good night story or a lazy, afternoon read.

****About the Author****

Carla Siravo and P. Santhiago are an author and illustrator duo who create children’s books that promote inclusion, kindness, and unity while focusing on relevant social justice issues. Together, they tackle these issues in an engaging and light-hearted way, encouraging children to start conversations with their parents and teachers about fairness and equity. The duo’s first book, Hugh Manatee for President, was released in 2019. These stories are intended to be used as resources to raise and teach the children in our communities to become empathetic and compassionate critical thinkers.

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