Cocoa’s Cranky Christmas by Beth Hughes & Thomas Nelson #Review

Title: Cocoa’s Cranky Christmas

Author: Thomas Nelson

Series: Beth Hughes

Release Date:  October 20th 2020

Length: 20  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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This silly interactive holiday story features a grumpy dog who is not ready for Christmas. Follow the directions to clap, sing, and find the doggy cookies to try to cheer up Cocoa in time for Christmas Eve in this funny board book.

Cocoa’s Cranky Christmas is perfect for

active toddlers and preschoolers who will love participating in the story
encouraging kids to embrace the Christmas season with joy and laughter
fans of Press Here, There’s a Monster in Your Book, and There’s an Elf in Your Book

a stocking stuffer, Advent gift, or Christmas morning surprise
reading aloud, and laughing along, at story time and bedtime
With a glittered cover, zany minimalist art by Beth Hughes, and a good helping of silly antics, this delightful Christmas book for 2 to 6-year-olds will capture your littlest readers’ imaginations and put them in the Christmas spirit.

“The cartoony digital illustrations are set against a merry scarlet background, and close-ups of Cocoa’s expressive face amplify the humor. … The comical narrative is likely to draw laughs.” —Publisher’s Weekly

**** My Review ****

When December 24th approaches and the shops close. When sellers of Christmas trees will sell the last Christmas trees. And they will go home. Then comes the real magic of Christmas. Because it is, above all, a family holiday. A real special time for the children! There is no holiday that children look forward to more than Christmas. A time when the whole family is together and enjoys various activities. One of the most wonderful activities we can do with our little ones is reading, experiencing the magic in picture books and Cocoa’s Cranky Christmas is a perfect choice for any family.

Not only does it capture that festive spirit and magic interestingly, but it also offers a range of interesting and interactive activities that your little one and the whole family will enjoy. The story of Cocoa is so uplifting and relatable, that in a very simple and so interesting and fun way it will keep the attention of your little one until the very end. This short Christmas storybook is filled with fun activities for the entire family. The illustrations are so appealing but the best Cocoa’s Cranky Christmas is how the book encourages readers to move about and act like they are in the story and will have everyone up on their feet, dancing around, barking jingle bells, and making some unforgettable Christmas memories.

Our sweet grumpy protagonist, a pug-like dog named Cocoa is a great choice that shows that sometimes we feel under the weather and grumpy no matter how we are surrounded by all that festive atmosphere and magic. That a little attention, some fun game or activity is enough to make others around us happy. And I liked that the main character is a pet who is presented as a member of the family. At this time when the abuse of pets, the treatment of pets as toys is a big problem, we need such books that greatly contribute to raising awareness among children and developing empathy for animals.

Simple language structures, interesting activities and challenges, and absolutely sweet illustrations are enough to make you take this storybook and read it with your little one. And once you read it, believe me, this book will get a permanent place on your family bookshelf.

****About the Author****

Beth Hughes is an illustrator and concept artist who loves animals, nature, and bright colors. In her work, Beth enjoys experimenting with colors and shapes and most of all, telling great stories. She studied at Ringling College of Art and Design, as well as Sheridan College. In the past, Beth has done character design, visual development and illustration work, and is now working as a freelance illustrator.


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