Pu$$y Magnet: A Very Naughty RomCom (Titans of Tech #1) by Tessa Layne #Review

Title: Pu$$y Magnet: A Very Naughty RomCom

Author: Tessa Layne

Series: Titans of Tech #1

Release Date:  September 24th 2019

Length:  184  pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Shady Layne Media

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Let’s get one thing straight. I love pu$$y. Effin’. Love. It.

Call me shallow, call me a perv, call me a cocky bastard, but the reason I know there’s a heaven is because God made women.

Because no matter who a woman is, a ball-buster in the courtroom or a flower child at an Avitt Brothers concert, I have the keys to their kingdom, and they all want it.

Until Mariah Sanchez – aka Sparky

She wants me.

I can feel it. I can smell it. But for nine months, sixteen days, twelve hours and forty-seven minutes she’s had my “you know what” in irons. Worse, my mouth and my fingers, too. Locked up in an invisible prison of my own making. And because I’m a stupid idiot, the only person I can blame for my predicament is me.

But that’s about to change… 

**** My Review ****

There are many types of books, there are some that after reading them you are no longer the same, because they make you reconsider, to think deeply, those that cause a storm of emotions and shake you, but also those that are like a balm on the wound, light and refreshing, like cold lemonade on a hot day, which relaxes you and do not burden you at all. Pu$$y Magnet is just that, perfect for days when you just want to relax and enjoy a light read that will bring a smile to your lips

Steele and Mariah – two people who are striving for the same goal, colleagues … one night, a celebration, a lot of alcohol and hidden desires come to light…Is it possible to go back to the old ways when they have already peeked at something that attracts them more and more? … One bet, who will win?

Will it be the womanizer who does not believe in cherishing only one woman or the girl who manages to shake him like no other? And what about that unbearable attraction, can they afford to rock the boat?

Definitely a light, fun, and sexy read that will make you laugh and sigh. The writing style is quite interesting and innovative, it is great to read something only from the perspective of the hero, and the accessories from the perspective of his cock is something I meet for the first time. A nice addition to the book, it must be admitted … Sparky was a badass leading lady – a real spitfire. Small but sassy, open and reliable, and not really that shy about what she wants. Ready to take initiative whenever she finds it suitable. And bringing sexy Steele to his knees was absolutely amazing. Steele was hot-as-sin and cocky but without being arrogant or sleazy.  His transition from the guy who can have any woman he wants (and he does) to the swoon-worthy hero is awesome.

If you’re looking for a light read which is well written and full of snappy, steamy, and sweet moments with a dash of humor then you have to read this one. Read it! You won’t regret it.

****About the Author****

Romance Writer Tessa Layne is the author of the USA Today Bestselling series Cowboys of the Flint Hills, Heroes of Resolution Ranch, The Case Brothers (very naughty Billionaires) and the critically acclaimed naughty rom-com series Titans of Tech. She’s managed to write 20 books and counting while wrangling her two misbehaved cats, two teenaged daughters, and one wild-and-crazy husband. She loves all things Romance, The Great British Bake-Off, and secretly wishes she could have attended a party with Julia Child. Her recommendations include lots of Romance, books her daughters love, her favorite cookbooks (there are lots!), and books that she’s been inspired by while researching her novels. To learn more about Tessa and sign up for her newsletter, visit TessaLayne.com

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