No Commitment by Lisa Suzanne #Review

Title: No Commitment

Author: Lisa Suzanne

Release Date:  December 10th 2020

Length:  247  pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Books by LS, LLC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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No commitment. That was my deal with Tyler from the start, at least until his tour was over and we could be together. But thirty days filming a reality show here, two years overseas with his band there… Is it really any wonder why I didn’t tell him about the baby?

He comes looking for me once he’s back in the country, but he runs into the man I married instead. Eventually I agree to meet him so I can put the past truly behind me. When I see him, though, every feeling I held inside comes rushing back.

My husband and I vowed to raise this baby together. But as I find myself drifting away from the husband who stole my job and gravitating toward the rock star who stole my heart, I realize he deserves the truth.

I just have no idea how this rock star who doesn’t make commitments is going to react to the fact that he’s a father.

**** My Review ****

This wonderful story by Liza Suzanne shows us that although life paths and some decisions can take us to completely different places, the heart never forgets where it belongs … The heart remembers everything even when we try to forget…
The story of Danielle and Tyler is simply so emotional, a tale about fear and passion … anger and love … two soul mates, two teenagers … unfulfilled desires, unspoken feelings, unforgettable love…. Obligations, disappointment, hasty decisions, resentment…everything culminates and separates them, although both souls scream for each other, the hearts remember, the bodies remember while they try to move on… And after two long years, they stand against each other, and the feelings are stronger than ever, the solution is here and so simple, but the secret is here as well, the secret that has the power to destroy or heal, the secret that connects and at the same time divides… Do they have the strength to overcome the darkness and step into the light of that wonderful love? Can they forget and forgive?
A fun, modern, romantic drama, which so naively reminds of hope and desire, of reckless mistakes and tears, of love that is stronger than everything. A book that will challenge you in so many ways. Your emotions, your morals will be questioned more than once. A book designed for a wide range of audiences. It will most definitely delight teenagers, with their youthful dreams and ideals, but it is also interesting for older readers. The language in which the work is written is fluent and understandable, the events are precise and completely clear, and the desires and chemistry between the two main characters masterfully surpass reality. Both of the main characters were so perfectly developed, and relatable at the same time. Tyler with his rock star vibe, harsh, sexy and yet so swoon-worthy and sweet. A person who is not afraid to admit his truths and fight for what he wants, a person who was condemned without the right to choose or to defend himself , and yet he finds the strength and courage to overcome his pain and to forgive … Danielle is quite a contradictory character, who managed to annoy me on several occasions. But no matter how hard I tried to condemn her for her deeds, I somehow managed to understand her side … Alone and insecure, proud and angry, a woman who tries to do the best for her child and herself and fails so greatly. But strong enough to look at the truth and accept all the consequences. The supporting characters are perfectly embedded in the whole story and masterfully contribute to the complete picture.
This is a novel that can be read in one breath. In one day – a day in which we will travel to this world that will capture our attention to the very end. An emotional read that will stay with us, long after we have finished the last page….

****About the Author****

Meet Lisa Suzanne: 

Lisa Suzanne is a romance author who resides in Arizona with her husband and two kids. She’s a former high school English teacher and college composition instructor. When she’s not chasing her kids, she can be found working on her latest book or watching reruns of Friends.  

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