Monday Musings #2

When I say I read a lot, I mean really a lot. There is not a month in which I have not read at least 10 books. My favorites are the romances that allow me to escape to a different world where happily ever after is a must, but mysteries and thrillers can also be seen on my reading list. I experiment with new authors, I read books by authors I know … but several authors with their talent have a permanent place on my ‘WHATEVER THEY WRITE, I READ’ list. They have the power and the talent to create books that grab my attention and I just can not leave the book until the very last words.

  1. Willow Winters is a real master storyteller that has an incredible talent to write stories that nail you to the pages from the very beginning. Since I first discovered her talent, I have read every book she has published and every single one has managed to pull me into the whirlwind of emotions and leave a permanent mark on me. Merciless, Knocking Boots, Wounded Kiss are just some of the many books I loved….

2. L.J Shen and her stories have left me sleep-deprived and with a smile on my face on so many occasions. She always manages to create worlds that are so compelling and unique that as you turn the pages eagerly wanting to discover what happens next, you also want to leave few chapters so that you can continue enjoying it tomorrow.  The Kiss Thief, The Hunter, Dirty Headlines …and so many more stories that are a must for every romance lover.

3. Cassandra Robbins is relatively a new author for me. It all started with The Entitled – seeing a hot guy on the cover on a freebie caught my eye, I started reading it and the emotions were simply so raw, dripping from the pages. I devoured it in one sitting and I also devoured every single book she had written and not once had she disappointed.  The Enlightened, Atone, Ignite ….believe me that whichever you decide to read, you will love it.

What do you think of my list? Have you read any works from these authors? Who is your favorite author?

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