Ridden Hard by Kim Loraine #Review

Title: Ridden Hard

Author: Kim Loraine  

Series: Ryker Ranch #3

Release Date:  December 2, 2020

Length:  200  pages

Genre: Contemporary (Western) Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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It’s the wild ones that fall hardest.

They call me the wild one.
The Ryker brother who’d rather have more notches on his bedpost than rodeo championships.
I’m good with horses, even better with women. I’ve been warned that sowing my oats might have consequences, but I’m always careful. And there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun.
But the truth is, I want more than fun. I want it all. With the right girl.
So when the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen shows up at my ranch, it should all fall into place. Except she’s got a big surprise for me. She’s pregnant, and the kid is mine, but she wants nothing to do with me.

**** My Review ****

One wild night, no strings attached…just one night, no rules, no plans, no expectations or obligations…just one night of unbearable passion and complete surrender…and that’s it… Losing everything that she worked for, seeing her marriage and life fall apart, feeling insecure and devastated forces our strong heroine to do something rather unusual for her. She decides to pull herself together, put some lipstick and pour herself a drink…Lots of alcohol and a sexy-as-sin cowboy, who manages to fulfill her every naughty fantasy…a perfect cure for her broken heart…Months go by, but the memory of that passionate night is still engraved into every inch of their bodies. The plan was simple, yet the connection is stronger, the hot night resulted in a nice surprise….

Maybe the idea of the cowboy and secret baby is not really original and unusual, but honestly I couldn’t care less. The book was so sweet and emotional with just perfect amount of angst and drama to keep me interested from the start to finish. The characters were so believable and multilayered, which made the book even more enjoyable. Tristan is a really swoon-worthy hero, one who will charm you from the first moment he is introduced in the book. Loyal and devoted to his beliefs, Hazel and his family. Hazel on the other hand is a woman who is insecure and vulnerable, a woman emotionally abused by her ex-husband. She’s afraid to love and trust again, yet strong enough to fight her own demons and fall under Tristan’s spell. I actually wonder how she lasted for so long. Tristan was absolutely irresistible in his attempts to win her heart. And the chemistry between them is OMG…simply electric.

Since this is part of a series, I felt that some backstory and details were missing regarding the Ryker family, which were absolutely adorable and perfectly incorporated into the book.

If you’re looking for a book that will fulfill all your cowboy fantasies and more, than this is a perfect choice for you. Filled with emotion, sweet and funny moments and enough chemistry to ignite the pages, this book will consume you from beginning to end.

****About the Author****

Kim Loraine was raised a Navy brat but spent most of her life growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A proper Washingtonian, she’s addicted to coffee, doesn’t let a little rain ruin her day, and thinks the sun is a gift from God. When not chasing her three little minions around, Kim spends her time writing, reading, and binge watching Doctor Who.

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