November Wrap-Up

Hello dear friends,

To say that November has been crazy and unusual is simply an understatement. If you have been following my posts, you probably know that I was tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of October. And while my symptoms have been on the mild side, I had real difficulty trying not to make myself feel worse by imagining a worst case scenario. To overcome my anxiety I buried myself in my books, travelling into different worlds. After 3 long weeks of isolation, I tested negative and have managed t0 read 22 books in that period. I couldn’t believe it myself.  

Before I begin my November Wrap-up list, I have to say that my thoughts are with all of you who are fighting with this terrible disease and sending you very positive waves of good news.

The 22 Books That Kept Me Sane During Covid-19 Isolation

The Bride by Julie Garwood

I love stories that take place in the Scottish Highlands, a long time ago. They may be historically incorrect, and my perception of the Highlanders may not at all be true, but I really find all those stories where the hero is a sexy Highlander, romantic and cruel at the same time, simply irresistible. A gentle warrior with hands that can give unprecedented pleasure to their loved ones or the cruel death of enemies. Possessive, protective and enticing….

If you have never read a Scottish Highland romance, then this is a great one to start with. A wonderful story about a sweet romance between an English Lass and a mighty Scottish Laird that will amaze readers with the amazing set up, great plot and lots of witty banter, accompanied by sexy, steamy scenes.

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The Secret by Julie Garwood

Books that take me on a journey in some distant place at some distant time have always been my weakness. And ‘The Secret’ by Julie Garwood definitely checked all the boxes for me. Sweet and tender with enough funny and sexy moments to keep me hooked from beginning to end.

It all starts with two little girls – one English, and the other one Scottish who though their innocence and gullibility perceive the harshness of their present, and despite all the odds form such a strong bond that lasts for a life time. Their childish play brings them closer, the years go by, the relationship survives…promises are made, promises to be kept, promises lead the beautiful Judith and her secret into the unhospitable Scottish Highlands. Rules are different, rules to be obeyed and ‘the chain of command’ is something sacred. At least that is what the formidable and arrogant laird Iain demands and believes. But what will happen when he faces the breathtaking, kind-hearted and stubborn English lass? Her illogical way of thinking and resolving problems will drive him crazy, her sassiness will enrage him, and her appeal will strip him of every possible weapon he can use to fight that overwhelming attraction….

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Dating Games by T.K Leigh

Some authors never cease to amaze me with their talent to play with words, to create something spectacular that will keep me engaged from beginning to end. T.K Leigh is such an author who manages to take a pretty common setting such as fake/pretend girlfriend/boyfriend, add a dash of freshness and a whirlpool of emotions and create a magnificent read that forces the readers to turn the pages with delight and eagerness.

Expecting a ring and swoon-worthy proposal for her thirtieth birthday, but getting a cold and harsh break-up instead, Evie is not only stunned but heart-broken and worthless. Humiliated, this outspoken, sarcastic and blunt journalist bares her soul in front of everyone in the bar, using the only weapon to shield herself-her wit. Her sense of humor and her wit captivate him from the moment he lays his eyes on this beautiful woman. So he enters into the picture- this tall, gorgeous, sexy man with proposal that simply cannot be rejected. One summer, few simple rules and lots to be gained –what can go wrong?

So let the games begin….

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Chasing the Idol by Ivy Wild

Well, this certainly looks like a really nice beginning to what seems to be a promising trilogy. This author is totally new, and I did some research to find out more. Imagine my surprise when I read that this is actually her first published work, and it definitely does not look as a debut to me.

This is the story of Connor and Sophie – two college friends, who ended their friendship five years ago, in pursuit of a better future. Five years later, they meet again, some things have changed, while others remain the same as the last time they saw each other five years ago…no time or distance could change those feelings that overwhelm them. Should they fight them or try to understand what that thing between them is?

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Love Amongst the Recipes by Carol M. Cram

Do lust and excitement end after we say the marriage vows or simply our understanding of the topics changes? Should we give up all our personal dreams and desires as we become parents? Do we lose ourselves in that struggle to give the best to our loved ones and forget about our needs in the process? Forget who we really are… Maybe other’s approval and verification is more important than our own wishes…

I honestly read a lot, a when I say a lot, I literally mean that. And after hours and hours of indulging myself with romance books, whose heroines are young and gorgeous women, I really believed it will be a nice change to read something different. Something refreshing as a book about a middle-aged woman trying to overcome hardship and re-discover herself. 

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The Dark Captor by Faith Summers

You cannot partially love someone. Either you love them with your whole heart or you don’t love them at all. You cannot choose what emotions a person stirs in you. You cannot chose to hate, when love overwhelms you. You can only love them…love them when they are under the weather, love them when they’re happy or when they’re sad…or angry….Love them even when they are the offspring of the devil himself. That’s the story of Tristan, the dark hero of the new standalone romance of the ‘Dark Syndicate’ series by Faith Summers.

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The Highlander’s Unexpected Proposal by Heather McCollum

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life come from the most unexpected things we find somewhere along the way. Things that we do not even know we need, that we miss in our lives, in our life story. One such story is told by Heather McCollum in her novel The Highlander’s Unexpected Proposal, as the first instalment of what looks to be a really nice series.

Quite by chance they meet each other, that lady in trouble, and her brave savior – the powerful Highlander. Unbeknownst to them, both are the perfect solution to the other’s problems, a blessed answer to their prayers. They move away from each other just to look for each other and find solace in each other. She, pressed by the difficult fate and the drunken father, he, pressed by the weight of the great responsibility towards the oath, stand next to each other and pledge themselves to each other, bonded by a holy union.

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An Imperfect Christmas by Tanya Jean Russell 

Sometimes all efforts are in vain, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we fight …. destiny has other plans for us, just like pawns in a game for which we do not know the rules, nor do we have the opportunity to change anything .. .Bad or good … it all depends on which angle you look from, sometimes the most beautiful rainbow emerges after the darkest storms …

This story tells of a storm, a storm that unexpectedly engulfs our heroine Maggie, the young accountant who’s seemingly created her perfect life, just to see everything fall apart like a tower of cards. Her dreams, her hopes, her prestigious job, her perfect boyfriend…..everything is gone

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The Pawn (Endgame #1) by Skye Warren #Review

Calculating, deceptive and so powerful….like a game of chess, where one move can lead to victory or failure. It all depends how patient you are, how perceptive, how good can you play…. Sometimes a simple pawn wields more power than it can be seen…more valuable than the king himself, the only one with the power to protect or destroy the king. Are you ready to make your move? To start this game that Sky has so masterfully created, a sinfully delicious story that will captivate you from its devious world, where all control is lost…

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The Knight by Skye Warren

Once all the masks fall and all the secrets are revealed, the pain might be great, the heart might bleed…..when all the truths are said with loud and clear words, only then does the story begin.

After twisting our world with The Pawn and The Knight, Skye Warren gives us the conclusion of Gabriel and Avery’s story and has managed to make it even more riveting and captivating- the story continues, the predator and the prey, the dark knight and the gentle princess…a king and a queen now.

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The Castle by Skye Warren

Once all the masks fall and all the secrets are revealed, the pain might be great, the heart might bleed…..when all the truths are said with loud and clear words, only then does the story begin.

After twisting our world with The Pawn and The Knight, Skye Warren gives us the conclusion of Gabriel and Avery’s story and has managed to make it even more riveting and captivating- the story continues, the predator and the prey, the dark knight and the gentle princess…a king and a queen now.

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Come Hard (Club Silken #1) by Jerrie Alexander #Review

Some activities are so sensual, unpredictable, they attract you, the desire overwhelms you…. and the secrets are so wrongly sweet … that world of eroticism and carnal cravings…The Silken World

Well, I have to admit that rarely do I read books that are fully centered on the carnal desires, but the title and the cover were simply too compelling to be ignored. This instant story that transports you to the erotic world and hold

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Mafia Casanova by Rachel Van Dyken & M.Robinson

The greatest love has the greatest power to hurt, to pierce your heart and kill all hope… one thought, one wish, one decision…it’s for the best. Well, don’t they say that the road to hell is paved with the best intentions? All efforts are in vain, the torn souls are still bleeding, yet traces of hope sparkle hidden behind the pain…

This captivating story of sacrifice and love that was created by M. Robinson and Rachel Van Dyken should come with a fair warning: “Be prepared for a real roller-coaster of emotions.’ It is a perfect mixture of action, heartbreak, death, pain and love that will capture your attention from the first lines.

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Hard to Love by Sara Ney

The author most definitely lit the lamp with this amazing Tic-Tac-Toe story. It landed on my kindle, and I just wanted a short peak, few lines, just to get the feeling, but I ended up devouring it in one sitting. I was engaged immediately from the first lines, and couldn’t talk myself into putting it down, not matter how late in the night was. I went from smiling, to grinning and straight out to laughing out loud. Frist book from this author, definitely not the last, I loved her style, so gifted and imaginative.

A grumpy, famous football player, with a huge ego and a girl who does not fit into a stereotype at all …. witty and sexy back and forth, a few unusual dates and incredible chemistry, meddling family, and a witty teenager… what more could you wish for?

Read my full review

Cocky Professor by M.A Lee

If you have read and enjoyed ‘Park Avenue Player’ by the duo of amazing authors Vi Keeland and Penelope ward, then you might want to check ‘Cocky Professor’ by M.A Lee, since it’s linked to Hollis and Elodie’s story.

This is the story of Hailey, the teenage niece, now all grown-up and ready to spread her wings. No willing to use her uncle’s connections or wealth, she’s all set to succeed by herself. Struggling for a bright future, she heads to get a job that will be her first step toward full filling her dreams, working while still in college is her only option. Declan Berkshire, the rich, cocky, arrogant heir is the last thing she needs in her life.

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The Bargain by R.G Angel

I really love when my expectations when starting a book from a new author to me are really low, and the book manages to blow my mind. The Bargain left me totally captivated, obsessed with the story and utterly engaged from the very first chapter until the very end. I loved Dean and Amber’s story, their twisted tale of lies, pain, loss and surrender with these sizzling hot scenes in between.

Only one desire, one wish that leads to lies and deceit, suffering harshness and cruelty, and lust…lust that burns the reason and sets the body on fire….but no price is high as long as Timmy is well and protected, she’ll sacrifice her pride, her dreams, her body…that’s story of Amber, the kind-hearted heroine that is stronger than it can be seen. Strong, yet her enemy is the cruel and formidable billionaire.

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Wright Christmas by K.A Linde

It doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is, I would always enjoy to discover the magic of Christmas in a great story, especially if it is spiced with dashing love and sizzling chemistry. And this heart-warming story had me enchanted from the very beginning. I fell in love with the characters and completely got lost in the pages.

Seeing each other again after 16 long years, only to realize that the magnetic pull and attraction are still present. The goodbye, said 16 years ago still hurts them inside, and the desire to try one more time is simply unbearable. One more kiss, one more hug, one more touch…even if there is a deadline. Falling into the realms of pleasure and utter happiness was easy, but the clock is ticking. Payton has to return to New York, and Isaac has to stay in Lubbock. Is history repeating again? Will this second goodbye hurt less than the first one?

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Power Couple by Laramie Briscoe

One very special night, a beautiful girl by your side, lots of fun, alcohol in unlimited quantities and the magic of Las Vegas….. What can go wrong? Don’t they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

But the morning slowly chases away the magic of the night, the tedious and hangover thoughts slowly start to clear up, the gorgeous vixen is still there with a beautiful ring on her hand…The way out is so simple for the ordinary people, but not for those who are constantly in front of the public eye, there is no easy way out. Pressure from all sides, the fame comes to collect the debt of one thoughtless decision…Mixed feelings overwhelm everything, one simple solution, yet so complex at the same time. Few months in a marriage bliss…how hard can that be?

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MAN IN LOVE (Man in Charge Duet #2) by Laurelin Paige

Where do all those lies and secrets lead? What to do when the words sound so different from the deeds? Do those hands, that caressed every inch of her body, now belong to another woman? Will those sinful lips now bring pleasure to the other one? Is there a way out of the maze? Is there an end to the lies, half-truths and that unbearable pain?

In ‘Man in Charge’ we were delighted to see how the gentle spark between Tess and Scott turned into those powerful flames of passion and belonging. Two hearts merged into one beat. She-not even a proper assistant, he-the powerful, corporate heir, burdened by the legacy of his last name. But even the most powerful families hide great secrets, rules that must be obeyed, prices that have to be paid…. But is Scott willing to pay such a price? Can he sacrifice everything in order to satisfy someone else’s plans? Can he just give up?

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YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU (You Are Mine #3) by Willow Winters

And slowly your heart breaks as you watch the most sacred thing fall apart in front of you…you watch it with teary eyes, trying to find a glimmer of hope, but there is none…no hope, no strength, no power left to overcome that obstacle that is ruining your happiness…

Profound, emotional, passionate….with the perfect touch of love and torment, Willow Winters has outdone herself with this gripping story, where raw emotions are simply leaping off the pages. Every perfectly chosen verse, every impeccably written word speaks of devotion and love- love that makes you swoon and cry at the same time – a unique relationship that is hard to find, and yet destroyed due to recklessness….

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All In by Bella Matthews

A real touchdown…One hell of a touchdown, considering the fact that this is Bella Matthew’s debut novel. And if this is how she writes at the beginning of her career, I have to say that I am eager to find out what this gifted author will create once she becomes more experienced.

The story of Brady and Natt is so dreamy – full of heart-melting moments, highly entertaining banter and explosive chemistry. I was nailed to the pages right from the first page and couldn’t put it down till the end.

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IGNITE (The Disciples #4) by Cassandra Robbins

What can I say? One single evening, few hours of nonstop reading and I was completely and irrevocably lost to that handsome asshole with tattoos…

If you thought the previous books of the series took you for a ride, then prepare for Ignite to bring you to your knees. It was like reading a fairytale… a really dirty fairytale, sexy, steamy…did I mention dirty? Packed with sizzling chemistry, snappy dialogue, lots of action….and enough push and pull to have any reader panting for more.

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What was your favourite book you read in the last month? And have you read any of the ones I mentioned?


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