Monday Musings – My Ultimate Book Boyfriend

I enjoy reading, getting to know many places and people swoon and sign when I meet new sexy males who burn the pages. I just can not count how many times I have fallen in love, how many sleepless nights and passionate days have marked me whilst I enjoy these deep relationships.

So I can freely admit that I am quite experienced when it comes to literary love affairs, although almost these relationships occurred purely in my head, but this one has a permanent place in my heart forever.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I am going to use his own words, he has   “bewitched me body and soul”. What I am feeling is so complicated and intense.

Can you believe that when I first started reading the book, I tried to hate Mr. Darcy, but his arrogance and cockiness actually seemed appealing and understandable. Like some armor that has small cracks and allows us to see that under all that mask, there is someone magnificent.

I love him  so deeply because he is handsome, utterly romantic and so swoon-worthy. His struggle, his feelings for Elizabeth, even at the height of his foolish behavior, are so appealing and sexy.  What is even more appealing is the way he actually tried to restrain himself, even though he knew his feelings are as strong as before.  Unafraid to admit he is wrong, willing to reflect and change his opinion and doing things so unselfishly, he is my ultimate book boyfriend. One that will remain forever in my heart.

And I am really glad he got the girl at the end, since he and Elizabeth are just perfect together.

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