The Boy Who Moved Christmas by Eric Walters & Nicole Wellwood #Review

Title: The Boy Who Moved Christmas

Author: Eric Walters, Nicole Wellwood

Illustrator: Carloe (Shan) Liu 

Release Date:  September 30th 2020

Length:  32  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Nimbus Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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It’s October, but in seven-year-old Evan’s town, every house is decorated for Christmas and a giant holiday parade is about to begin. The bump in Evan’s head means he might not make it to December, so all his friends, family, neighbours, and thousands of strangers have moved Christmas just for him.

Evan is delighted to see the trees, the lights, and even snow, but he’s a little worried that the parade might not be complete. How will Santa know he needs to visit so early? Will it even feel like Christmas without Santa there?

Based on the true story of Evan Leversage and featuring an afterword by his mother, Nicole Wellwood, The Boy who Moved Christmas is a loving tribute from the duo behind Always With You, and a touching reminder of the power of the Christmas spirit—no matter what time of year.

**** My Review ****

And what is Christmas? What is Easter? Where is the magic and meaning of these wonderful holidays, if we have no one to celebrate with, if we do not share these important moments with our loved ones? Yes, those days are special precisely because then we are all together, and we allow ourselves to get way from our daily responsibilities so that we can dedicate ourselves to our loved ones.

‘The Boy Who Moved Christmas’ by Eric Walters, Nicole Wellwood is a story that will show the true meaning of the festive seasons to your little ones in an absolutely wonderful way, and it will break your heart and fill your eyes with tears. Bringing a smile to little Evan’s face is a task that his family and the entire local community dedicate themselves to. United by the common goal and wish, they manage to move Christmas. A story, based on a true story, which in a simple way, understandable to children, conveys a very powerful message for both children and adults. It does not matter if it is a holiday or not, what matters is the time spent with loved ones, a time that each of us must make the most of. The beautiful illustrations as well as the text are absolutely brilliant and completely adapted to the level of understanding of the children. Not only the chance to read a wonderful story, the book offers parents a chance to be able to use elements of the story to talk to our children. Such serious topics, which are by no means easy to read or talk about, but are an integral part of life. What also amazed me was that the firefighters, police officer and paramedics are presented as friends of society, someone we should trust and who are here for our good.

As I read the letter to Evan’s mother, I wept for little Evan and for all the children around the world who are facing the same situation, for all those families going through that Golgotha. And I think this book should be part of every family collection, a book that glorifies the true values in our lives. A wonderful book…

****About the Author****

Eric was born in Toronto in 1957, which makes him “real old”. But, as Eric says, “Just because I have to grow old doesn’t mean that I have to grow up!” In his many roles as parent, teacher, social worker, youth sports coach and writer he is in constant contact with children and young adults. He draws from these experiences and feels that this helps him to capture the realistic interaction between young people – the conflicts, tensions, stresses and interests that make up their lives.

Eric began his writing as a teacher. He taught in classes from kindergarten up and his stories often reflect the curriculum that he was teaching. He always read stories – picture books and novels – to his students and this helped him to understand what children liked, responded to, and were inspired by. He enjoys the enthusiasm of his students and often looks at them to provide him with the inspiration to pursue a particular topic in both the classroom and in his writing.

Eric tries to write every day. When he has a story idea he starts with research. This could involve reading books, watching a documentary, or trying to experience the things that his characters are going to go through. This could include rock climbing or riding white water (for STARS), spending time in a wheelchair (Rebound), playing and walking with tigers (Tiger By The Tail), hanging around a tough biker bar (Diamonds in the Rough), standing out in his backyard in a blizzard wearing a T-shirt and shorts (Trapped In Ice), or traveling to Africa (Alexandria of Africa).

“The most important thing anybody ever told me about writing was to write what you know . . . and the only way to get to know things is to do your homework and research before you write,” Eric stated.

Once the writing begins the story is always playing around in his head. He takes any opportunity, even if it’s just a few minutes between presentations, to put things down, either with pen and paper or on his laptop.

Prior to entering teaching and writing Eric was a social worker (B.S.W., M.S.W., B.A.Hons – specialized major psychology). He worked in a variety of settings including child welfare, private practice, a mental health centre, and, for twenty years on a part-time basis as a Crisis Social Worker in an emergency department. He stopped teaching 4 years ago and left the ER only last year.

The majority of Eric’s time is spent in the company of his wife, children and dogs (Lola a big standard poodle and a little white dog named Winnie The Poodle).

A single mom to three boys, Nicole Wellwood has been a fierce advocate for childhood cancer awareness for over nine years. After her middle son, Evan, passed away following a five-year fight, she decided that his legacy needed to continue so that children would have the chances he did not. In 2015 she launched Evans Legacy. Nicole is a “Momcologist” and public speaker.

Carloe (Shan) Liu is an illustrator, printmaker, and art teacher. She was born in China, studied media arts in Japan, and has a masters degree in Fine Arts. In 2008 Carloe immigrated to Canada. After working as a graphic designer for years, she gave birth to her son, Lufei, and started focusing on illustration. She likes to use watercolour, oil pastel, coloured pencil, and linocut print. She has also illustrated Always With You, written by Eric Walters. Carloe lives in Halifax with her family.

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