‘Different Like Me’ by Xochitl Dixon #Review

Title: Different Like Me

Author: Xochitl Dixon

Illustrator:  Bonnie Lui

Release Date:  August 4th 2020

Length:  32  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Adventure with a diverse group of children as they discover and celebrate that we all have more in common than we might think.

Sometimes the things that make us different can leave us feeling like a fish out of water. Take your child on this whimsical  journey where each unique child works with the others to launch a giant colorful fish balloon. Along the way, the children learn to celebrate differences and uncover what they all have in common, so that even a “fish out of water” finds belonging. 

Different Like Me by Xochitl Dixon features a wonderful variety of children with unique qualities. It is based on a story she wrote years ago to explain to her own children the beauty of God’s diverse world. You’ll also enjoy the engaging questions you can use to start conversations about diversity with the children in your own life.

**** My Review ****

I have been working as a primary school teacher for 12 years, and believe me it still hurts when I hear: ‘I do not want to play with him, he has a dark skin!’ , or ‘Mommy say I shouldn’t sit next to her, she’s poor and has no branded sneakers. She can’t be my friend, we’re different!’  Children are not born with prejudices, we as parents and as a society make them to become. Stigma often exists because of knowledge built on stereotypes. Lack of information, misconceptions, isolation and segregation perpetuate such stereotypes – so the best way to address stigma is to break stereotypes. But how do we do that?

It should start at an early age and reading books is a fantastic choice. Not only will it reduce prejudice, it will also encourage the child to think and draw their own conclusions. For that very reason ‘Different Like Me’ by Xochitl Dixon is a must read for all families.

Using rhyme and vivid illustrations, the author depicts the world around us in a very interesting way. All children are different, skin color, eye color, appearance. Not everyone wants the same things and activities, not everyone has the same hobby. And the choice of food can be different. But all children are exactly the same in one respect: everyone wants to be loved and accepted by others. What I particularly liked was the way the author very subtly points to true human values, without offending bad habits. Wonderful words encourage children to see the beauty in differences, as well as the fact that this world belongs to all of us. As you read it with your children, you can connect the pictures with real situations, with children and people close to you, stimulate a discussion about friendship. Believe me, this book contains many elements that will allow you to spend a few hours of quality time with your little ones.

I do not have enough words to express how delighted I am with this book. Rhymed verses, portrayed through beautiful illustrations that speak loudly about a world in which all children are loved and accepted, about the beauty in the differences, about the truth in the similarities … A children’s book that celebrates diversity… A book that should be part of every family library.

****About the Author****

Xochitl (soh-cheel) Dixon equips and encourages readers to embrace God’s grace and grow deeper in their personal relationships with Christ and others. Through daily struggles with chronic pain, she continues to trust God’s plan and pace. Xochitl is a regular contributor to the Our Daily Bread devotional and other publications. She serves as an author, speaker, and blogger at xedixon.com, and she enjoys being a praying mom, traveling, photography, reading, singing, and being married to her best friend, Dr. W. Alan Dixon Sr.

Bonnie Lui is an illustrator and storyteller who loves to play. She constantly looks for ways to create fun in all forms of media, and her work can be found in books, games, and television. When she’s not making art, Bonnie also enjoys playing the ukulele and the piano. She lives, works, and plays in Los Angeles, where it is over 75°F and sunny every day.

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