Calvin the Christmas Tree: The Greatest Christmas Tree of All. by Stephen G. Bowling

Title: Calvin the Christmas Tree: The Greatest Christmas Tree of All

Author: Stephen G. Bowling  

Illustrator: Vitali Dudarenka 

Release Date:  December 8th 2019

Length:  36  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Books Go Social

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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He’s been preparing for the season since he was a sapling. But will he be tall enough to start spreading joy?

The thought of missing Christmas has little Calvin quaking in his roots. The smallest tree on his famous farm, his branches get all ruffled when a grumpy old coot says he isn’t strong enough for ornaments. But he’s thrilled when he’s finally pulled from the ground and put on sale just in time for Christmas Eve!

As excited families whisk away all the other evergreens, Calvin’s smile fades when he finds himself all alone. And he worries the grizzled meanie might’ve been right when the store closes, and he’s covered in snow… until he sees headlights peeking through the storm.

Will Calvin be left out in the cold, or is one special family about to make him their shining star?

Calvin the Christmas Tree is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. If you or your child like hand-painted wonders, classic scenes from simpler times, and charming emotional journeys, then you’ll love Stephen G. Bowling’s heartwarming tale.

**** My Review ****

All those who have children already know for sure that children see ordinary things and the world around us in a completely different way from us adults. Children find joy and beauty in everyday and insignificant little things, friends in unusual places as well as magic on all sides. Just because we sometimes do not understand does not mean that it is strange or unnatural.

And although Christmas is an amazing time for all of us, the way children experience it is completely different. It is a time of celebration, of gifts, of immense joy. A special time that should be unforgettable. And while we all enjoy the magic of Christmas, watching wonderful movies on Netflix or Hallmark, this time is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the moments together, as a family, decorating, cooking, or reading together. Calvin the Christmas Tree: The Greatest Christmas Tree of All by Stephen G. Bowling is just a small part of the huge Christmas offer of children’s books, but also a great choice for every child.

We chose the because of the beautiful cover, when my 3 year old son saw it, he immediately started shouting:  ‘I want the tree! Let’s read the tree!’ As we began to read it, we began to discover a whole world of Christmas magic. The very story of the small tree, named Calvin who had great desires and aspirations is quite enough to encourage critical thinking in children, to show them that not always the size and appearance are crucial for success. The author has very skillfully inserted the message that everyone can succeed in what they want if they really work hard. Every effort pays off, sooner or later. What really delighted me as a parent and aroused a string of emotions in my little one is the author’s very effective way of conveying the message that no one should be alone during the holidays, that everyone deserves to be loved and accepted as they are . And the fact that the tree is left outside, to be there for many years is absolutely fantastic. And although the story is about trees, the parallel with humans is very obvious.

From beginning to end, this book is full of messages and wisdom that will undoubtedly further stimulate the imagination and logical reasoning in children, plus it gives us as parents the opportunity to encourage discussion. For example, the difference between the trees can be used to discuss the difference between people, as well as to encourage children to accept the different as a nice addition to the world.

With fantastic illustrations that definitely attract attention and language structures that are fully adapted so that children can easily understand and follow the story, Calvin The Christmas Tree is a fantastic choice that you should definitely not miss. A book that is full of wisdom and in a real sense glorifies the beauty of this holiday.

****About the Author****

Winner of a B.R.A.G. Medallion

Steve has a passion for writing. “I want to create children’s books that are fun to read and instill fond childhood memories. I write to help children learn to read, and to encourage a lifelong habit and love of reading”

Steve is an entrepreneur who holds several U.S. Patents. He heads The Prometheum Foundation, a non-profit philosophical organization that helps teach students critical and analytical thinking, freedom of thought, and entrance into the marketplace of ideas.

He moderates discussions and debates of all types. He has been conducting the Franklin Forum high school programs for over 16 years. This Forum places students in the arena of public debate in which they are obliged to think about issues and public policy. It allows them to test their opinions, hear opposing views, and debate current issues, all in a setting with a free and open exchange of ideas. The Forum teaches civility in civil discourse; the ability to disagree and still be agreeable even in a passionate exchange of views. Students develop self-confidence, self-esteem, respect for the opinion of others and the ability to effectively communicate their views.

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