The LittleBig Detectives: Lorelai and Niami, the True Duo of Crime Solving by Alexandra Antipa #Review

Title: The LittleBig Detectives: Lorelai and Niami, the True Duo of Crime Solving

Author: Alexandra Antipa 

Illustrator: Sklakina Sklakina 

Release Date:  August 3, 2020

Length:  110  pages

Genre: Children’s Books

Publisher: Indie Published

Recommended Age: 8-12

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Lorelai is a little girl who adores mysteries. Her partner is Niami, a cat with a nose for fishy business. Together, they are the LittleBig Detectives and they have a very important mission: catching misbehaving toys in the act and teaching them a lesson.The two detectives are ready to change the world of the apartment in which they live. Join them in their adventures, as they fight crime and uphold justice. Prepare yourself for a wonderful mix of adventure and mystery. Newspapers are stolen, eggs get broken and riddles are written on mirrors… you are in for a real treat!

**** My Review ****

Before I became a mother, I had a completely formed opinion about being a parent, and I believed I knew everything that is needed in order to raise well-behaved and educated children, how to solve everyday problems, and believe me that I shared the opinion with all those parents who struggled with the upbringing of their children…. Did I realize I was wrong as soon as I had my first one? Hell, yes! To say I was mistaken is an understatement…After becoming a parent, I realized that I had no idea what I was talking about. Raising children is one of the most difficult and responsible tasks in the whole world. How to bring up a child in this complex society, when obstacles are at every step? How to help them become socially responsible people? How can parents explain some things that the child does not have the ability to understand yet? Not a clue, but I am trying as hard as every parent out there….

Fortunately, since early age some really clever folks realized the same and started writing stories to help children understand the world around them. As a parent and an educator, I believe that children’s literature should be an integral part of every child’s life. Nowadays we can find numerous books that are specially designed to be able to assist us as  parents and make it easier for every parent in the process of upbringing children. While searching for new, entertaining stories for my daughter, I was contacted by this author and received a copy of the book. I scanned the contents briefly and wasn’t sure whether it is a good choice for my little one, but one look at the cute cover, and my little monster would have a tantrum if we didn’t start reading it. 

‘The LittleBig Detectives’ is a collection of interesting stories, which contain much more than what is seen at first glance. Each story is a new world in which the little girl Lorelai and her kitten Niami explore various topics, seemingly simple situations, perhaps foolish to us adults, but so complex at the same time. From ‘How Lorelai and Niami Met’ to ‘Some Eggs Get Broken’, each story contains enough elements to stimulate your child’s imagination, but also enough wisdom through hidden messages to encourage critical thinking and reasoning. Serious topics like stealing, spreading rumors, future careers, traveling are so skillfully woven into the seemingly simple and innocent children’s stories and interesting events with the toys, that without any problem they encourage the child to think about proper and improper behavior, what is good and what is bad . As you turn the pages, you discover that the book contains a multitude of layers, a mass of elements that fit so well into the texts of the entire collection. The author in a very skillful way emphasizes the importance of parents as an essential part of every child’s life, as well as the interesting story of Lorelai’s birth which perfectly reflects the beginning of life. Cultural elements such as Christmas celebrations are also an integral part of this book. What was a bit of a problem for me was that some of the stories were written in a slightly higher style than what my 5-year-old daughter could understand and reason on her own, but in addition to being a setback, it was also a challenge, giving us the opportunity to talk and discover new words, to get acquainted with new terms and to enrich her vocabulary. The author must have thought of the same, because at the end there is a glossary of flabbergasting terms that will help you explain the unknown words.

Each story can be read separately, because not every child really has the patience and motivation to read or listen to a number of stories in one sitting. At least, mine hasn’t got any. So we had great goodnight stories for a week. The beautiful and sweet illustrations completely complement the stories and greatly contribute to the increased interest of the children, as well as the opportunity to visualize the stories.

If you are also looking for a new collection of sweet good night stories, or lazy afternoon reads, you should definitely check out this book. Interesting stories, accompanied by cute illustrations that will surely attract your child’s attention and open a whole new world of ideas for thinking…. An ideal choice for children aged 8-12, which will not only help them learn new things, but will allow your child to improve their reading skills, as well as to learn new vocabulary.

****About the Author****

Alexandra Antipa is an author, freelance writer, and translator. She has been putting words on paper ever since she can remember. An avid reader, she always finds the answers she needs between the pages of a good book. She believes in kindness and living life to the fullest. You may never see her on a rollercoaster but, rest assured, she gets all the adrenaline she needs from her ever-growing personal library. A native Romanian, she currently lives in Germany, with her husband – her biggest supporter – and their beautiful daughter, the wonder called Lorelai.

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