I Like the Sun by Sarah Nelson #Review

Title: I Like the Sun 

Author: Sarah Nelson

Illustrator: Rachel Oldfield

Release Date:  04 March 2021

Length:  24  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Lyrical, rhyming text and playful, hand-painted illustrations invite young readers to share in the warmth of the shining sun. Includes educational STEM endmatter about the sun and how it helps humans and the earth.

**** My Review ****

Sometimes it is really difficult to explain some natural processes or changes in a way that children can understand. That is one of the greatest reasons why as a parent I am very happy that there are very creative authors who manage in a simple and effective way to turn all these explanations into wonderful picture books and children’s books.

Surely if you are a parent, you have already experienced situations where no matter how many times you try to explain, your children cannot quite understand you. Surely, your kids have already asked you, “Why is it so hot in summer?” or “Why is it cold in winter?”… If you want to effectively explain the meaning and changes that come with the seasons in a very interesting and simple way, then you should definitely get “I Like the Sun” by Sarah Nelson, a book that will definitely facilitate your tasks in explaining these dilemmas that every child faces.

The first thing that will delight you are the absolutely beautiful illustrations that will immediately attract the attention of your child. Then a series of activities that every child enjoys when it is hot and sunny. Interesting descriptions are a great choice to stimulate discussion and your child will get a chance to think and decide which activities he/she likes, why he/she likes it. My daughter immediately decided that she loves summer, she loves the sun and she loves the sea and that we should tell God to make summer last forever. Fortunately, I did not explain that there are countries where there is only one season – only summer.

The additional questions, information and facts at the end of this wonderful picture book are a great source of information that will be useful to every parent, giving them additional knowledge that they can pass on to their little ones.

Definitely a great choice for any family with children, which will not only allow you to spend a few hours of quality time reading, but also give you lots of ideas for activities you can do together in summer.

****About the Author****

Sarah Nelson writes lyrical books for little readers and is the author of the I LIKE THE WEATHER series and FROGNESS. Sarah especially loves writing about nature, the little (oh, so real) dramas of childhood, and inspiring, lesser-known moments in American history. Learn more at www.sarahnelsonbooks.com .


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