Find a Moose with Me! by Suzanne Buzby Hersey #Review

Title: Find a Moose with Me!

Author: Suzanne Buzby Hersey

Release Date:  24 Nov 2020 

Length:  32  pages

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publisher: McSea Books

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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It’s Oscar’s first moose hunt, and his parents know the perfect place to find a moose. Join Oscar on this exciting adventure! Be sure to keep an eye out for turtles, loons, and squiggly worms! Let’s count some critters along the way–but will we spot a moose today? Find a Moose with Me – a Countdown Adventure.

**** My Review ****

 The selection of children’s literature is very rich. Every day we see more and more new titles and to choose the right one is a really difficult task. Not only the pictures and the illustrations, the content should carefully be considered as to meet the needs of the children,

What attracted me at first glance was the term hunting, I liked that it was introduced not as hunting to catch or kill an animal, but hunting for photographs, I was delighted, because at a time when poaching and animal smuggling is part of our daily lives, we need to insert some empathy and understanding of the importance of wildlife from an early age. While reading the book with my little one, I realized that the book has a lot of layers, which additionally make it a great choice for everyone with children.

Not only will it help you introduce your child to the wildlife by looking at the great illustrations but it also contains a great counting rhymes that allows children to practice numbers and counting in a fun way. We counted up and we counted down. We compared objects and enjoyed  Oscar’s story. Going on a picnic or family walk through the woods is a great example of a family activity that you and your children can do. We will definitely do it this weekend.

The rhyming language structures are completely adapted for children, and if you are musical you can try to sing them. And the illustrations are honestly very sweet and interesting and will attract your attention, not just your child’s. Definitely a great choice of picture book that should be part of every family library.

****About the Author ****

Suzanne Buzby Hersey loves all things Maine, including its state animal the moose! A New Jersey native, she spent every summer of her childhood in Maine s beautiful midcoast region. She dreamed of living in Maine year-round and of becoming a children s book author. Both dreams have since come true. Suzanne s first book is My Maine. She lives with her husband and two children in Southern Maine, where they can often be found on family hikes, hoping to spot a moose. To find more books by Suzanne visit

Ashley Halsey is an illustrator, graphic designer, and fine artist living in Portland, Maine. She grew up on a farm in Connecticut where she spent time observing and painting the nature that surrounded her. After living in New York City and working as a book designer for over six years, she moved to Maine. She continues to pursue her love of the environment and conservation, and finding ways she can spread awareness of the natural world through her art. Learn more about Ashley and her work at

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