The Italian Obsession by N.J Adel #Review

Title: The Italian Obsession

Author: N.J Adel

Release Date:  October 30, 2020

Length:  302  pages

Genre: Dark Romance

Publisher: Salacious Queen Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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She’s too young.
Her innocence and purity don’t belong in my world.
I killed her father.
None of it matters. Angelina Baldi is the bane of my existence and my absolute obsession.
She belongs to me. She’s safe only with me.
The only problem is that her wedding bells are ringing, and I’m not the man waiting at the altar.
I’ve killed for her before. I’d do it again.
Except that her groom is the only man on earth I can’t kill.
My own blood.

The Italian Obsession is a stalker forbidden jealous possessive obsessive dark mafia romance Standalone. All the books in The Italians series can be read in any order.

**** My Review ****

This is my first book from this extremely talented author, and I can honestly say she is on her way to gain a permanent place on my ‘Not Reading on School Night’ list, since she left me sleep-deprived and groggy this morning, good thing I wasn’t in my classroom, and definitely N.J Adel is one of the rare authors that can make me joyful and extremely pleased while reading a dark, repulsive, psycho-stalker romance, that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. It’s weird to admit how much I enjoyed this disturbing story.

To say I was nailed to the book and couldn’t let go until the very last words simply doesn’t do justice…. I kept thinking one more chapter…and one more…only one more…until I realized I was devouring the last chapter at 5 o’clock in the morning. The more I read, the more repulsed and delighted I felt, and the urge to turn the pages was simply overwhelming. And just when I thought I had it all figured out, the author threw such curve balls that created more questions, than answers.

The story of Tino and Angel elevates the word darkness to a whole new level. It isn’t a typical love story that will make you giggle and swoon, it will force you to feel things that will fuck with your mind, and make you question your morals, as you frantically turn the pages of this sinfully delicious and utterly wicked story. The story of the broken angel- abused and tormented by her past and her dark savior- crazy and deviant will transport you into this twisted world where the line between pain and pleasure is blurred, where socially accepted norms are a distant concept, where twisted desires alternate the boundaries of the permissible and the punishment is a sign of ultimate devotion…

And the emotions that overwhelm you are so unreal, and yet  so powerful….

Rare are those authors who so skillfully manage to revive all emotions and make the reader feel every touch, every flicker, every spark …. and even rarer are those who so masterfully build the characters that simply while you are reading, come to life and draw you into their world, enchant you with their thoughts and you begin to understand the whole story…

You get to know Tino, this perfect anti-hero that you simply begin to love. Twisted, cruel, possessive and scary…not the prince charming material, and yet manages to mesmerize you. And the heroine- an absolute perfection, young and naïve, yet brave enough to admit and embrace the wicked truth. …And these two together…. a real explosion of obsession, unbearable moments of passion and surrender, pain and pleasure, magnetic attraction and unreasonable chemistry that burns the pages in the hot scenes that excite and scare you at the same time … And you wonder how you can sympathize and cheer for a psychopathic stalker who is obsessed with an ordinary minor. But you do not stop reading, that masterful talent that weaves this story draws you deeper and deeper into that twisted world that shocks and delights you at the same time.

N.J Adel proved to be one hell of a story teller, creating perfectly intertwined storyline-disturbing and decadent, told through alternating 1st person POV that offers full insight into the main characters thoughts. The supporting characters are greatly presented in such a way that they entirely complement the suspension of the whole story. The author is not afraid to push and provoke her readers with this dark indulgence that contradicts all moral principles. A true artist, adding enough cruelty and tenderness, a perfect blend of suffering and enjoyment that will delight every reader.

If you’re looking for a story that will delight you with tender kisses, rainbows and flowers, then you certainly need to stay away from this one. This is twisted, filthy, dark and utterly disturbing. This is pure talent… a roller-coaster ride that will leave you repulsed and panting for more…

****About the author****

N. J. Adel, the author of All the Teacher’s Pets, Her Royal Harem, The Italian Heartthrob and The Night Minutes series, is a cross genre author. From chocolate to books and book boyfriends, she likes it DARK and SPICY.

From dark women’s fiction and romance to sci-fi and fantasy. Bikers, rock stars, dirty Hollywood heartthrobs, smexy guards and men who serve. From steamy sexy short stories to full-length books with all the feels, heavy plots and twists and turns. She loves it all.
She used to teach by day and write fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo.
Now she quit her day job and only writes the hot stuff.

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2) Dirty Beasts (Prequel)

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3) All the Teacher’s Prisoners
4) All the Teacher’s Little Belles (Pet Beasts Sequel)

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Her Royal Harem
1) Her Royal Harem Erotica Box Set

Dark Standalone and collections
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2)I Hate You then I Love You Box Set

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