The Perfect Liar by Beverley Harvey #Review

Title: The Perfect Liar

Author: Beverley Harvey

Release Date:  November 6, 2020

Length:  315  pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Harry is the perfect holiday romance. He’s handsome, charming, great company. Except everything he’s told you is a lie.

The month in Tuscany was meant to be a relaxing getaway for Susanne and her two best friends. Meeting handsome fellow holidaymaker Harry, and the passionate fling they embark on, is just the icing on the cake.

But Harry is not who he says he is.

He has a plan, and Susanne is at the heart of it. Win her over, turn her against her friends, make her see he’s the only one who can make her happy. Then she will become his ticket to the luxurious life he craves. He has done terrible things to get this far – nothing will stop him now.

Not even Harry can plan for what happens next.

As Susanne’s friends fight Harry for her affection, hostility builds in the villa along with the heat until it erupts in a devastating act of violence. But a worse betrayal is yet to come – from the last place any of them expect…

**** My Review ****

The title itself as well as the effective cover caught my attention immediately, even though I am not a fan of mysteries and suspense. Somehow I was convinced that the book deserved a chance.

I read it … and I was not sure what I was expecting, maybe some psychopaths and murderers, I expected to give up after a few read chapters, but I was wrong, this book definitely managed to keep my attention until the very end.

One unusual friendship, three totally different women: Sussane, Evie and Dale merged together, with a common goal: spending an amazing holiday together, enjoying the beauties of Tuscany. One perfect and intriguing escape from everyday lives. But what will happen when Harry comes into the picture? Spending a month together with a younger and sexy man cannot spoil their plans, right?

The author manages to deliver this great book with a slightly different plot than expected. Well-written, a bit disruptive, it explores deeper issues such as motives behind different actions, true bonds and meaning for friendship as well as the importance and acceptance of diversity among us. The notion ‘looks can be deceiving’ is greatly embedded into seemingly non-related descriptions.

The story was told through different POVs, allowing readers a perfect chance to get to know the characters, which are greatly developed and complex in so many ways. The tension slowly built up through the narrative will keep the readers on the edge through the whole book. And the ending was simply superb.

All in all, anyone who enjoys great thrillers and a fast escape from everyday life and reality should definitely read this book. It guarantees few, greatly spent hours of relaxing read that will keep you engaged, but nothing too edgy or horrific.

****About the author****

From a tender age, a diet of Enid Blyton ignited Beverley Harvey’s love of books and she’s been reading ever since – albeit her tastes are more varied these days.

Throughout Beverley’s many years spent working in advertising and PR, she’d always wanted to write fiction. In 2015 a creative writing course inspired her debut novel, Seeking Eden, which was published in 2017. The sequel, Eden Interrupted, soon followed.

Beverley’s third novel, The Perfect Liar – her first with Bookouture – is a departure from contemporary romance and fulfils a long-time goal to publish a gripping psychological thriller.  Book Four (her second thriller) is also underway.

Born in Yorkshire, and raised in Kent, Beverley currently lives in West Sussex with her partner and their adorable terrier. When not writing, you’ll find her reading, walking the dog or listening to rock music.

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