Poppy and Sam and the Search for Sleep by Cathon #Review

Title: Poppy and Sam and the Search for Sleep

Author: Cathon

Release Date:  October 15, 2020

Length:   48 pages

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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The seasons are changing in the garden, and Poppy and Sam are stocking up for a long winter’s nap. There’s just one problem: Poppy can’t sleep! Determined to hibernate like her friends, Poppy and her panda buddy, Sam, go hunting for advice on how to get to sleep.

Other garden creatures are full of ideas on how to nod off. The bees suggest snuggling into a honeycomb. The frog says a mug of fly milk does the trick, while the ants recommend a good book before bed. But will anything help Poppy fall asleep?

The third book in the Poppy and Sam series, this picture book/graphic novel hybrid is full of delightful, detailed illustrations, adorable characters, and a sweet, funny storyline sure to draw young readers in.

        **** My Review ****

Books play a very important role in the process of raising children, as well as in teaching them about the world around them. The first filter in the selection of books for children is made by the parents (guardians). Therefore, it is important to choose quality content and inspirational stories. On the other hand, books greatly facilitate the process of learning and explaining new concepts and terms through the use of appropriate language structures and images that not only stimulate children’s imagination, but also help them to understand certain contents more easily.

Poppy and Sam and the Search for Sleep by Cathon is definitely a book that deserves to be considered and chosen as a great addition to the family library.

The first thing that attracts you to this picture book is the beautiful cover page, as well as the cute characters: Poppy and. Easy to read, with interesting content,that not only will surely interest your child and encourage an avalanche of thoughts and conclusions, but it will take your children on a nice adventure. Cute illustrations greatly reflect the content and serve as a great tool to make the whole story easier to understand.

What makes this picture book a great choice for any family with children is the interesting way in which the author introduces the term hibernation, using cute scenes, the author helps children to fully understand the meaning of this term, as well as which animals spend the winter in hibernation(What I do not like about it is that some of the facts stated are not entirely accurate.). My daughter was very worried that the poor animals will be very hungry if they slept that much.

Not only will they be introduced to new terms, but they will also find out more about wildlife and animals in general,as well as the meaning of the seasons and the changes that follow each season.

Lastly, the readers will find several strategies skillfully embedded into the story, that will help your child to fall asleep easier at night, such as counting, lullabies or reading goodnight stories.

Definitely a great picture book that will spark your child’s interest and allow you a wonderful escape into the world of fantasy. My daughter was really excited, and after we finished it, she was full of her own observations and ideas about hibernation, a word she still does not know how to pronounce correctly, but  understands the meaning. And that in the end she decided to send our cat to sleep all winter is just an additional funny moment for our whole family. Definitely a book that I highly recommend to all families with young children.

****About the author****

CATHON is an artist and creator of children’s books and comics. She studied visual arts and media at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and is also the illustrator of A Fire Truck for Chuck in addition to several books in French. Cathon lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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