Highlander’s Hellion Bride: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance by Adamina Young #Review

Title:  Highlander’s Hellion Bride: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Author: Adamina Young

Release Date:  June 23, 2020

Length:  266 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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A murder. A false betroth. A love that will overcome any obstacle…

When Hamish, the Hero of Hamilton, took over as laird of the Hamilton clan, all he thought about was how he would bring glory to his previously ravaged people. Nowhere in his plans did he include Grace, the Hellion of Sinclair.

Protected and nurtured by her two older brothers, Grace Sinclair has always lived a life of ease. Her untamed and mischievous nature along with her incomparable beauty has made her famous among the Highland clans.

But her innocence will vanish when Grace’s friend is murdered during a peace treaty on Hamilton lands! Her fury and grief will lead her to the construction of a most dangerous plan to find the truth; Grace will feign her betroth to Laird Hamish Hamilton, whom she deems responsible for the murder.

Hamish is not used to anyone defying him as Grace does, and her fierce spirit sets her apart from every other lass he has ever met. Thus, he sees her as a challenge and decides to make her his wife.

As Grace comes close to Hamish, she realizes that he might not be guilty of the death of her friend, and while she can’t identify the killer, the killer can identify her…

And by staying in Hamilton land, Grace gave him the last piece of the puzzle he was looking for.

            **** My Review ****

This is the first book I read by Adamina Young, but definitely not the last. Third in the series, but first for me, this book is definitely written in such a sensitive way that it will keep your attention until the last word.

He is a leader, an alpha male, accustomed to ordering and others to obey his word ….. she is a master at breaking the rules and carrying out her own will, a woman who tramples in that male world …. They are a couple who roll through the hill of uncertainty and desire for supremacy, led by unbearable passion and lust …. They were created for each other …. but will love make them give in?

Strong and self-consistent, the heroine is a woman who simply does not accept her status as a pawn in that male world. Driven by the desire to oppose her brothers, as well as to find the culprit for her friend’s death, Grace is definitely shaping her own destiny. Touched by the heat of passion for the first time, but eager to resist it all, Grace is definitely a character who attracts you with her views and thoughts.

Hamish, a newcomer, elevated to the level of a leader, a brave character who is diligently trying to overcome all difficulties and contribute to peace and a better life for his clan on the one hand, and revenge on the other is definitely a character who in no case should pay attention and care for the safety of that brat who wants to dress like a man, and sit in taverns. The last thing he desires is to deal with the intrigues and mischiefs caused by that unladylike girl. A girl who manages to shake him to the very core and awaken his passion like no other.

Their conversations will make you laugh from the heart, their hot nights, rolling between the sheets will make you want to experience the same.

Love, passion, intrigue, malice, deception, upheaval … are all packaged in a fascinating story, greatly delivered by the pen of this young author. 


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