No More Secrets by Jennifer Harvey #Review

Title:  No More Secrets

Author: Jennifer Harvey

Release Date:  October 21, 2020

Length:  304 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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No-one confesses to a murder they didn’t commit.

It has been twenty years since I last saw my brother. The day he was taken away for killing the boy I loved. I honestly didn’t think I would see him again. Until now…

I never made my peace with the fact my brother was a killer. But at least I don’t think about it every minute of every day any more. Or about the boy he killed. The boy I kissed in a private, sheltered spot down by the lake during that long, hot summer, before everything changed.

Now he has come home and claims he is innocent of the crime he was convicted of.

I saw the blood on his hands. Heard him enter the guilty plea.

I can’t believe what he’s saying could possibly be true. How can the last twenty years have all been a lie? What made him confess, if he wasn’t guilty? Although, just for a moment, I see something in his eyes that reminds me of everything we used to be. Don’t I owe it to us to finally learn the truth?

But there are some people in our town who won’t want us digging up the past. And I know, more than anyone, what a dangerous thing the truth can be.

A dark, emotional story of a family left shattered by the legacy of a terrible crime and the question of how well we truly know the ones we love. Fans of Liane Moriarty and Diane Chamberlain will be totally gripped by this haunting and compelling read.

            **** My Review ****

I have to say that I am a romance reader, who enjoys and expects HEA endings. Mystery/Thrillers are simply not my cup of tea. But from time to time, I like to choose something different, something to challenge me and shatter my well-established reading routine. I chose ‘No More secrets’ and believe me when I say that the least I expected was to be pulled into the book from the very beginning. So emotionally charged and so suspenseful that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The story is not easy to read, not at all. And definitely not easy to review. I search for the right words to describe the effect it had on me, but simply fail to. The author manages to tackle topics such as guilt and grief, skillfully bouncing between the present and different period in the past, guiding the reader through this mysterious journey of truth and lies.

The whole book somehow revolves around that damn day, that unfortunate event, which simply has enough power to destroy an entire family. What to do when lies hide a truth that is too painful to be accepted. When the body itself decides to erase the memory of pain.

A young love, she – shy and insufficiently experienced in the affairs of the heart, and he – a young rebel, sinfully attractive … one summer filled with hidden kisses and unfulfilled promises…. everything is like a beautiful dream .. Except the bloody end … the end inflicted by the hand of the older brother, the end of a love, the end of a dream, the end of everything…

And here begins the madness, the broken heart, the painful screams, the escapes to the mountain and that unbearable darkness. How long does it take for a young soul to disintegrate? Is there an end to the suffering? How to end all that nonsense?

As you turn the pages, you have the feeling like you are being transported there, or maybe watching a film. The author adds enough details to the descriptions, that you can visualize them as you read the story. The writing style is absolutely superb, and the way the author explores harsh topics is simply amazing. Told in dual time lines, Jennifer Harvey gives the readers full understanding of the plot, giving subtle hints and glimpses of the real truth and ending, which the readers can somehow suspect, but are unwilling to accept.

All in all, the book is really gripping, dark and sad in more than one way. It could be said that is life-changing and thought-provoking on many different levels. It is more than a perfect choice for everyone who enjoys emotionally driven mysteries.

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