Repent by Cassandra Robbins #Review

Title:  Repent

Author: Cassandra Robbins

Series: The Disciples

Release Date:  May 15, 2020

Length:  320  pages

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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There are two sides to every story.

I fell in love with a redheaded boy, a boy who was kind and good.

Until he wasn’t.

He broke my heart once, twice… I’ve lost count. Like a dark god, he haunts me. He smells like smoke and cinnamon, with danger seeping from every pore. He is my savior, my lover, exciting and addictive.

I should’ve seen it coming…

Never trust a Disciple. You have to sell your soul to the devil to get one to love you. I would.

I did.

My name is Dolores Dunghart and I might have done the unforgivable.

I don’t care if you judge me… I’ve judged myself.

But this is how we live.

And this is our love story.

Edge and Dolly forever.

            **** My Review ****

Gritty and raw to the point of perfection, with the irresistible chemistry and a dash of enemies/friends to lovers touch…..and next you realize you have been left sleepless and totally groggy the next morning, still unable to find the perfect word to do this book justice.

Cassandra gives us the whole Dolly and Edge’s story, everything – the full background, the history, the bone deep love and care and sweetness that exists in this romance .Dolly, with her need to have him according to some of her already formed image. He, the infamous biker who does not fit into her happily ever after. They together, an explosion of lust and fireworks of emotions.

Insecurity and rashness separate them the first time, circumstances the second time, but from the very beginning to the end, you simply know they belong together, they’re born for each other. The author leads us on a journey through different stages of their relationship, mixing the past with the present in her uniquely, amazing way that grabs our attention from the first lines. Exploring issues, such as hardship, infidelity, acceptance, the notorious MC brotherhood bonds, she offers us downright insight into both main characters, using alternating 1st person narrative which is absolutely seamless.

And her way of shaking you to the core, and leaving you emotion –wrecked is turned on its highest in this book. You will giggle, swoon and want to throw your book at times. Even want to enter the book and kick Edge’s butt, and after you turn several pages, you will want to enter again but this time to hug him. Cassandra is not afraid to push the boundaries of the conventional, to challenge her readers by using concepts such as harshness and cruelty in the name of love and belonging.

The plot is extremely solid and seasoned with more than enough elements: compelling connection, jaded lovers, soul mates struggles that will stay in the readers’ minds long after they finish the book.

Cassandra Robbins will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, adding such steaming moments that will make you blush. This is definitely one more than amazing addition to the already sensational series that everyone who enjoys love stories should not miss. I have enjoyed every single one, this one being my favorite, and Cassandra’s finest work till now. I simply count down the days till the next one.

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