The Rancher’s Marriage Bargain by Mary Sue Jackson and Leslie North #Review

Title:  The Rancher’s Marriage Bargain

Author: Mary Sue Jackson and Leslie North
Release Date:  August 30, 2020

Length:  243 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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After a horrible and humiliating break-up, chef Jolie Hill wants nothing more than to lick her wounds and avoid all involvement with men for a while. An ad for a cook and nanny at a remote ranch seems like the perfect opportunity to get away. She thought she’d learned her lesson about having a workplace romance—until she met Colson Westland, a hard, taciturn man who’s as hot as he is serious. Working for Colson and caring for his young ward, Adam, is testing her resolve to stay uninvolved and it doesn’t take long before she not only loves the little boy, but she’s terrifyingly aware she’s falling for Colson. He may be a hard man, but Jolie recognizes a soft side, one that makes her heart melt just a little too much.

Ever since Jolie came to work at the ranch, the place seems lighter. Happier. And Colson has felt lighter and happier too. Caring for Adam has been a pleasure, but ever since his best friend left the little guy to his care, he’s felt a bit overwhelmed. Jolie, with her laughter and spirit, seem to be just the right touch his ranch needs. But when Adam’s grandparents sue for custody of him, claiming a bachelor’s home is no place to raise a child, Colson immediately thinks of marrying Jolie. Not for himself, of course, but for Adam. He’d do anything for the kid. It’s a marriage of convenience, just until he wins the custody battle. The problem with his plan, though, is that it didn’t include the matter of him falling in love…

            **** My Review ****

This is one charming story that will transport the reader to the world of the lush farms and sexy cowboys. It looks sweet at the surface to lure the reader, but it contains enough content to hold your attention to the very end. A story of love and recovery, that will touch your heart.

We meet Jolie, a girl devastated by her past, and lack of luck in love, who is looking for a serene place where she can hide herself and lick her wounds. She expects many things when she discovers her perfect destinations, but certainly not the sexy cowboy who manages to arouse her interest like no one before.  He’s arrogant, he’s cocky, but so generous and tender-hearted at the same time. She manages to bring some joy and season the dullness of the farms everyday life.  She is also the perfect solution for his problem, and his best hope to receive custody.  But what happens when that same solution manages to spark emotions that he hasn’t anticipated? Can those emotions push the boundaries from employee/employer to lovers?

Mary Sue Jackson and Leslie North have once again managed to write an amazing cowboy story, easy to read, yet profound on the same time, with well-developed characters. The story line is a bit predictable and far-fetched at times, but interesting enough to make this book a great choice for a nice, afternoon read.

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