Venetian Fantasy: A classic holiday romance by Lewis Cox

Title:  Venetian Fantasy: A classic holiday romance

Author: Lewis Cox
Release Date:  September 10, 2020

Length:  244 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Can Clare win the heart of a man devoted to his business?

Free-spirited and intelligent, young Clare Silver is searching for a job to help her maintain her independence.

A chance meeting lands her a dream role in Venice, in the employment of handsome millionaire Tim Sloane.

Working with Tim at close quarters, Clare soon comes to admire his generosity and reliability.

However, with his mask of reserve and strict attitude to business, it is impossible to know how he feels about her.

Determined to win Tim’s respect, Clare throws herself into work.

But as she falls under the spell of the romantic city, she is soon struggling to hide her feelings… 

                                            **** My Review ****

If you have enjoyed English Miss: A classic Parisian romantic adventure (Lewis Cox Classic Romances), then this brilliant, love adventure by Lewis Cox will most definitely delight you.

In this beautiful story, the author will take us  on a sweet journey through the time in romantic Venice, adding such detailed descriptions of places and events that you simply manage to visualize them while reading. The amazing Venice, a place that with its magic awakens new feelings and the need for love and acceptance, a place that encourages to open the heart and reach for its goal, an ideal place for two lover, two souls, a man and a woman. But what if there are two different men who want the same woman? Friends in the past, now rivals, each with his wits and advantages fights for her attention? Who will win?

Young and ambitious Clare Silver in search of the perfect job, meets the not so perfect, but terribly handsome and rich Tim Sloane, and here begins their sweet story. She – gentle, young and irresistibly beautiful, he – completely dedicated to work, without desires to think of love. Can the gentle beauty melt the ice around his heart?  One step forward, then one back, they dance to the beautiful symphony of love, trying to get closer to their loved one, and take a step back, so as not to be hurt. But Freddie also shows up, and what happens if they both want the same woman?

Lewis Cox one more time proves to me that he is able to create a really charming read, filled with interesting and well-developed characters. The well-fitted descriptions and the witty conversations give the readers full insight into the characters. And his writing style is mostly eloquent, a bit discursive in several parts.  The storyline and plot are remarkably great as well.  I really liked the fact that there isn’t too much drama and angst. It was easy to follow and ultimately relaxing.

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