Duffy The Christmassy Dragon by Kate Noble

Title:  Duffy The Christmassy Dragon

Author: Kate Noble
Release Date:  30 May 2006

Length:  24 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Beautiful, unique rhyming verse Christmas story, suitable for 3-8 year olds. Duffy The Dragon helps Santa one icy Christmas Eve. 24 pages – fully illustrated. A lovely gift and fun to read.

                                            **** My  Review ****

Children just want to fantasize and see the world in a slightly different way. Fairies, mermaids, miraculous creatures, talking animals … are just some of the things that children need to understand the world around them.

Parents as well as teachers have a huge burden of responsibility towards children. Although there are many modern and up-to-date tools and applications that can help, books are still one of the best choices for educating children.

‘Duffy The Christmassy Dragon’ by Kate Noble, a cute story about a dragon called Duffy who helps Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve is a great choice for a good night story. Rhymed stories and interesting events are especially appealing to children, and beautiful illustrations will allow them to be fully immersed in the story.

But what honestly amazed me was the fact that the main character in the story was a dragon, something that is typically associated with evil, a bad creature that only hurts and harms. Showing Duffy as a hero is a fantastic choice for the author, as it gives children a great chance to get closer to the realization that everything that looks nice and good is not always good, and vice versa. It does not necessarily mean that if someone looks bad it really is. Children need to understand that they should not be deceived by the appearance of things.

Another thing that honestly sparked a discussion between me and my daughter is the friendship between Turtle the cat, Mizzle the mouse and Duffy the dragon. “But mom, won’t the dragon eat them?” And “How can they be friends?” are just some of the questions we discussed. The well-inserted message that diversity is a wonderful thing and not to be judged by looks touched my child’s ears, and raised even more questions about true friendship.

Yes, there may be imperfect rhymes, as I read in some of the reviews, but children do not seek perfection. They are looking for a topic that will be interesting and presented in a way that they will be able to understand, and this book definitely contains all those qualities, and is a great choice for a wonderful read with children.

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