The Enlightened (The Entitled Duet # 2) by Cassandra Robbins

Title:  The Enlightened (The Entitled Duet # 2)

Author: Cassandra Robbins
Release Date:  November 30, 2018

Length:  285 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The destruction’s done. There’s no taking it back.

Reed took all my firsts like a shiny present. He made promises with silky words I greedily kept as truths. But the moment I faltered, he took everything away.

Now we’re both guilty of sins.

As we come together for Grandfather Ian’s funeral, it’s time to face what I’ve done—what we’ve done. The boy I’ve loved since age eight is now a man, his rage palpable, his turquoise eyes piercing me with an intensity that sets me on fire. Each delicious kiss seems to peel away our ugly past—a past we’re desperate to escape.

They say forgiveness comes from within. Can I trust him to forgive me? Have we both been enlightened?

I used to believe in the fantasy of a happily ever after. Trouble is my life’s not a fairy tale.

The Enlightened is second in The Entitled duet.
The story begins in The Entitled.


Some say that the greatest love is recognized when you realize that the only person in the world who can comfort you is the one who has caused you the most pain. That the medicine is a poison at the same time. Reed was her greatest love, her soul mate, her first one and she lost him ….

They have become strangers, lost in the flood of immature decisions…. But an unfortunate incident happens, the funeral of a loved one brings them both to the same place, once her first love, first lover, first in everything, now a formidable enemy. And all prayers are not enough when the hour of truth is approaching, the hour when the masks fall and the secrets are revealed. Is it possible to escape from the past, to forget the mistakes, to forgive the unforgivable? Is the memory of the once true love stronger than the desire for revenge? How to punish the person who was your everything?

The second part of the wonderful story about Reed and Tess is here, equally dramatic, and maybe even more emotional than the first part of this duet.  A real page-turner that manages to give rise to emotions that you do not even expect.

The writing style is great, lavish, detailed and rich. The perspectives of the two main characters are perfectly intertwined, skillfully braided parts of the past and the present tha will delight every reader. And the story- simply perfect, it forces you to turn the pages while at times it fills you with happiness, only to awake rage and anger in the next moment.  And the unexpected surprises will additionally soften and shock you, inevitable increasing your desire to reach the end of the book as fastest you can.

The author masterfully leads us through the plot, skillfully inserting glimpses of the past, enabling the reader to fully appreciate the story. Proficiently guiding through all that path of suffering and joy, condemnation and forgiveness, the transition from adolescence to maturity of the two main characters. The main characters are beautifully captured, their thoughts are so tangible, and their actions are intended to imagine the reader. The change in the them is so obvious, and no matter how much you try to hate them, no matter how much you are shocked by their past and behavior, you are simply forced to understand the causes and consequences of their actions. It must be noted that the supporting characters are also fantastically presented, which greatly contributes to the book as a whole.

This book is a fantastic choice for all lovers of romantic drama, which erupts with a range of emotions. It is quite different from the first book in this duet – disturbing, gloomy and tense but more tender and emotional as well. A book that moves all the brain cells with its twists and maximizes the enjoyment.


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