Night Night, Norman by Marie Dimitrova

Title:  Night Night, Norman

Author: Marie Dimitrova
Release Date:  October 20, 2020

Publisher : Hello World Publishing

Length:  36 pages

Reading level : 3 – 6 years

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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A Light-hearted, Spirit-lifting Story about What Horses Do at Night While We Sleep.

In this charming and funny book, Norman the horse wonders where Ellie goes after she hugs him goodnight. One night he loosens the latch on his stall and sneaks out. When he pushes his horse-sized body through the door and into Ellie’s house, he smells something delicious coming from the kitchen. While Ellie sleeps, Norman investigates. His equine curiosity and clumsy hooves create all sorts of chaos, leaving us wondering, will he wake Ellie?

Laugh out loud with the adventures of Norman, and find out what happens when we think our pets are sleeping. A perfect book to read together before bedtime!

                                            **** My  Review ****

As children grow, they become aware of the world around them, learn, test, imitate. And parents are the most important people that children need in order to become a socially responsible person who takes care of themselves and their environment. At these times when more and more cases of animal abuse and mistreatment are being recorded, all of us, as part of this society, need to instill empathy in our children, our future.

Therefore, Night Night, Norman by Marie Dimitrova is an excellent choice in the process of developing empathy for animals. The story of Norman the horse and the girl Ellie is a gentle and interesting story that talks about the love and connection between them. For mutual influence and care for each other. For the importance of one touch, one nice gesture that means so much to the two of them. While reading the story with my daughter, we simply laughed at the interesting events, Norman’s mischief, looked at the pictures and described the colorful illustrations and talked about the importance of animals in the world.

The cute, short story is of great length so that it can keep children interested and motivated. The described events are interesting and funny enough to make the children enjoy the tale, and the drawing supplement is a fantastic detail with which your child will enjoy the tale for a long time. The only negative effect is that my girl wants us to bring a horse at home, where will we put it, I wonder.

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