Highlander’s Moonlight Seduction by Adamina Young

Title:  Highlander’s Moonlight Seduction

Author: Adamina Young
Release Date:  March 31, 2020

Length:  252 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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She is free by day. But her nights belong to him.

Seven years ago, Moira Hamilton was full of love and dreams until her betrothed, Connor Sinclair, blamed her for treason and exiled her, scaring her forever.

Connor, now a Laird, resides over one of the largest and most successful clans in the Highlands but the pressure of marriage and the need of an heir is suffocating him. Unfortunately, the only girl he’s ever wanted is the one he sent away.

Moira is a different woman now, and all she desires is a quiet and safe place to call home. When fate throws her back into his arms, Connor apologizes for his mistake and makes her a strange deal. If she chooses to marry him, she will have her own home and freedom during the day, as long as she will be at his bed at night.

Seeing no other way to find peace, Moira agrees, but she swears that she will never love again. As their nights grow hotter and their hearts soften, they begin to trust each other, but past demons will return when Connor is in danger, and the whole Clan will blame Moira for it!

Can Connor, believe what’s in his heart, and trust her this time when everyone thinks that Moira is back for revenge?

                                            **** My  Review ****

Another story with which this young author made me stay up all night. Injustice, pain, humiliation, love … masterfully woven into a great story that speaks of a broken love. Interesting events that do not allow the reader to get bored, while at the same time more and more attract them to the whirlpool of love and passion that abounded in this story.

Humiliated to the core, hurt like never before, thrown out like a torn rag, marked as the last traitor ….. the heroine is a truly unforgettable character who will awaken your emotions and make you step in her shoes. Made to live carrying a huge burden, marked, rejected by her own people, Moira is a character who, with strong steps, struggles to crush all her youthful hopes and excitements in a small box of oblivion and try to find her own little piece of space under this great sun, to spend her life in peace. Desired for power and prestige, not for her self, she rejects everyone and she fights for her freedom and the opportunity to live alone. But can she reject him? Her only and true love…

The eldest son, a future leader, Connor finds himself caught in a web intertwined with intrigue and malice, which will force him to make costly decisions, that he will regret dearly.Tired of everything, he is looking for a way to pay off that debt, that injustice that his words caused to the girl who meant everything to him. The girl that was once meant to be his lifetime companion.

But is it possible to love after so much hatred? Can the broken rope be assembled and as strong as before? Can all that loss be compensated?

Read about this journey through which Adamina Young brings us so masterfully, imbued with tender feelings and love, passion and longing, hatred and desire for power …. read and you will certainly not regret it. 

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