Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Title:  Leave Me Breathless

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Release Date:  November 5th 2019

Length: 384 pages

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Hannah Bright has finally found a place to hide from her past, in the quiet town of Hampton. But the peace she needs is disrupted when she meets Ryan Willis. Insanely handsome and highly dangerous, Ryan is exactly the kind of man Hannah needs to avoid…

Reconsidering his career in private protection, Ryan is home to figure out his next move. Meeting Hannah is definitely not part of his plan, yet their attraction is undeniable and Ryan can’t resist her. But Hannah has a dangerous secret, and Ryan won’t stop until he finds out what she’s hiding. Nothing prepares him for what he discovers.


As I write this review, I cannot help but think that this amazing author, Jodi Ellen Malpas never disappoints me.  This one didn’t disappoint me at all, quite the contrary. ‘Leave me breathless’, she just left me breathless….

 Ryan Willis and Hannah Bright, two unforgettable characters , so easy to connect to and follow their story. I love stories where a lady is in trouble, a real little sweetie. And male characters like Ryan who are big-hearted heroes. Maybe someone was expecting Jessie and Miller again, but then it would all be a copy, this way each character is unique and special. I really liked the work, Hanna is so cute, scared, her special style, artist. Throughout the book he hides his terrible past which gives a bit of mystery to the work itself. Somehow in the background, we can notice a dose of mystery and danger, but in the first place is the gentle sensuality in the beautiful love scenes. There is a very delicate balance that seems to ignite the unbearable passion that they both initially seem to deny.

Ryan is simply amazing, as a hero, a protector, a wonderful dad and a real man. The chemistry between the two of them is just present and the description of the surroundings is as well writtenand so detailed, we can almost feel we are there. Alex’s character,  a sassy 10 year old who nudges the characters when they are at an impassecompleted the story even more and gave it a special character.

As in her previous works, the style of Jodi Ellen Malpas is absolutely perfect. Leave me breathless’ is very well written, superbly plotted, and thoroughly engaging. Definite recommendation for all those who want to spend a few hours with a smile on their face and incredible enjoyment while turning the pages of this book.

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