Adventures in the Nervous System by Alexander Lowe

Title:  Adventures in the Nervous System

Author: Alexander Lowe
Release Date:  15 Jul 2020

Length: 32 pages

Goodreads  |  Amazon

“When a mosquito lands on Kara’s arm, The Bod Squad sets out to help! The squad shrinks down in size, traveling and exploring the nervous system in order to help their friend avoid a mosquito bite. An adventure-filled graphic novel that provides information about the human body and how its nervous system works. Includes contemporary full-color graphic artwork, fun facts, additional information, and a glossary”


I’m really glad that there are talented people in the world like the author Alexander Lowe, who  absolutely skillfully knows how to turn very complex explanations into something so easy to understand and at the same time extremely interesting for children. His picture book Adventures in the Nervous System, as well as the other parts in the series ‘The Bod Squad’ is something that every family with small children should have.

When the mosquito lands at Kara’s hand, the popular The Bod Squad appears on the scene, revealing all the details and secrets of the functioning of the nervous system. Perfectly adapted to the children’s age, with appropriate language structures and simple, intelligible vocabulary, this picture book is a real boon. Not only will they learn a lot of new terms like neurons, sensory neurons, motor neurons and a bunch of other information, it will also allow children to truly ride a roller coaster through the nervous system of every body. The additional information is so cleverly interwoven through the pictures that it subtly provides plus fun for the children.

The comics technique personally delighted me, and all the illustrations are simply ideal in order  to keep the children’s attention.

In the end, the composition of The Bod Squade is something that must also be praised. Children of different races and cultural and ethnic backgrounds are an absolutely perfect detail to encourage openness in children to embrace diversity as a unique way to have a beautiful and cheerful future.

As I wrote before, this series should definitely be an integral part of the library of every family with small children.

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