Adventures in the Digestive System by Alexander Lowe

Title:  Adventures in the Digestive System

Author: Alexander Lowe
Release Date:  15 Jul 2020

Length: 32 pages

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When Logan has had too much to eat, The Bod Squad shrinks down in size to see how his body will process all of the food and help him feel better. The squad travels through the digestive system, exploring how food is broken down. An adventure-filled graphic novel that provides information about the human body and how its digestive system works. Includes contemporary full-color graphic artwork, fun facts, additional information, and a glossary.


As children grow older, they begin to become aware of the world around them. The phase of getting to know the world around you is inevitably accompanied by the phase of asking 100 questions within 5 minutes. And although at first it seems sweet or irresistible, after a while of hearing the phrase ‘But why?’ after each given answer, believeme  that every parent goes crazy, at least a bit. I really regret not having this picture book at a time when my daughter asks me ‘Why do people poop?’ And ‘How does food turn into poop?’.

As in the previous picture book ‘Adventures in the Nervous System’ from the series ‘The Bod Squad’,  in ‘Adventures in the Digestive System’  as well, the author Alexander Lowe masterfully takes the children into the world of fantasy to reveal all the secrets of the digestive system. The comics technique, as well as the great illustrations, are enough to attract and keep the attention of your little one, and the carefully composed sentences are enough to answer their questions, in a way that the children fully understand. During the trip, they will get acquainted with some new lexical items, such as esophagus, saliva, stomach, small intestine and others, which will help them understand the process of digestion, as well as learn new words.The glossary. Is absolutely amazing addition.

The mixed ethnic team of children is a wonderful touch, which will enable the children to get acquainted with the concept of equality and respect for diversity.

I am very happy to have the book when my little son gets in the questioning phase. Great choice for all parents with young children.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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