A Promise of Tomorrow (Medieval Runaway Wives Book 2) by Alexa Aston

Title:  A Promise of Tomorrow (Medieval Runaway Wives Book 2)

Author: Alexa Aston
Release Date:  September 15, 2020

Length: 211pages

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He would take her in his arms—and do much more than kiss her.

A widow longing for love but threatened by scandal. A charming rogue who has love to give but not a penny to his name. Two souls yearning to be together yet separated by tremendous odds…


As I’m writing this review, first that comes to mind is that it is a wonderful love story, which takes place in the distant time somewhere between France and England. A Promise of Tomorrow (Medieval Runaway Wives Book 2) by Alexa Aston is quite refreshing and slightly different from the historical romance books we are used to.

Not always being part of a big family means being loved and accepted. The story of the heroine Marielle Matesse, a beautiful young girl is best portrayed by the former sentence.  Rejected by her family, brought up in a convent, oppressed by others because of her character and forced to become the wife of an older man is only the beginning. In her youth and innocence she decides to change one prison for another. Yes, more beautiful, more comfortable, it could be said a golden one, but still a prison. Eager to travel, communicate,  to visit distant places and cities, she is forced  to spend days in loneliness and boredom, like a priceless decoration of a beautiful palace, nice to the eye and  endlessly neglected. But what will happen when they are visited by the young and handsome Englishman Ashby fitz Waryn, who has the power to stir up the peace of her life, and many other emotions? Experienced enough to please every woman, smart enough to match her in every discussion, brave enough to stand in line and try to protect her from everything and everyone. But is that enough? Will they be given even a chance?

Their story is a sweet mix of love and passion, bits of  suspense added along the way. Interesting and easy to read, a solid choice when you want to relax and travel through time. The writing style is mostly eloquent, a bit discursive in some parts, using more enough details. At times the action seems so slow, especially in the beginning, then it picked up speed and the suspense and intrigue never stopped.

As in her previous works, Alexa Aston succeeds in her unique way to build the characters in every way, with all their strengths and weaknesses, appearance and mind, all there. Fine descriptions and appropriate lines are more than enough for us to get to know the characters and understand their story properly.

If you are ready to travel to time and spend few engaging hours, that this great emotional story with a rather unexpected ending should be considered as your ticket to the past.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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