The Rancher’s City Girl- Wells Brothers: Book 1 by Leslie North

Title:  The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers: Book 1

Author: The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers: Book 1
Release Date:  08 Sep 2020

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When Becca Harding was ten years old, she spent one idyllic week at a ranch camp she’s never forgotten. After her aunt dies and leaves her a small fortune, Becca immediately knows what she wants to do with her inheritance: buy a ranch and live her dream life. Finding one for sale near her childhood camp seems like fate. Unfortunately, the owner, smoldering-hot cowboy Cade Wells, makes it clear he’s more than skeptical about her ability to handle ranch life. So she makes a deal. She’ll stay on the ranch for one month to prove to Cade she can handle the ropes. While Cade maddeningly sticks to his old-school ways, Becca is determined to introduce him to modern technology. As the two clash heads, they can’t deny the red-hot attraction they have for each other. And as time passes, Becca’s not certain if she loves the ranch or the cowboy more.


If you are looking for a book that will help you relax after a hard day, easy to read, and interesting enough to keep your attention, then The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers: Book 1) by Leslie North is a great choice for that.

Cade Wells, a man torn between the desire to keep his heritage, the essence of his being  on one side and the need to move forward and provide the best for his daughter, Jocelyn on the other side, is quite an interesting character. Almost destroyed by his past, the hardship of his present, marked in some way, lonely … she meets Becca Harding, a beautiful young woman, burdened by the monotonous everyday life who decides to chase her childhood dream, strong enough to reach for a piece of happiness, and brave enough in order not to give up in front of the first obstacles ….. Although none of them wants it, a storm of passion and emotions catches them unprepared and  manages to conquer them both … in one night when lust and madness culminate … one night  of ultimate joy and passion and morning full of regrets… .. Will they be able to overcome prejudices and indulge in all those emotions that without question penetrate deep into their hearts? Or will they decide that it is better to choose the line of less resistance, less risk?

This book is full of powerful characters, especially little Joyce, young but so brave and witty, that will make you laugh … The main characters’ thoughts are so masterfully  conveyed that you simply can feel with them  by reading how their struggle to resist the emotions will lead them to wrong conclusions and wrong decisions.Their struggle to resist the irresistible , and Joyce’s attempts to help them choose wisely.

Leslie North’s writing style is quite interesting, a blend of simple and complex,  at the same time , so that almost every reader can easily follow the story. What I especially liked was her ability to involve you in the plot, using so many details, as you read, the details of the farm and the environment are so real and their way of life so vividly presented. You have the feeling that you can see the landscapes if you just close your eyes.

An easy and interesting read that will relax and make you smile, The Rancher’s City Girl (Wells Brothers: Book 1) by Leslie North will definitely provide you with an escape from reality for a few hours.

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