A Wild Day at the Zoo- Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 2) by Victor D. O. Santose

Title:  A Wild Day at the Zoo- Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 2)

Author: Victor D. O. Santose
Release Date:  15 Sep 2020

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The city zoo is holding a very special event. Today, guests can bring their own pets to the zoo! Of course, all city residents want to join in on the fun. Dylan and Isabella, the little polyglot siblings, see this as a great opportunity for Kiki, Dylan’s pet chicken, to meet her animal friends. However, things get a bit out of control when Kiki is left unattended. In this fun and colorful story, children will learn about the importance of thinking outside the box and using their imagination and creativity to solve difficult problems.


Motivation as well as curiosity are key in the children’s desire to understand the world around them better. According to numerous studies, the more parents read to their children from an early age, the more they stimulate their imagination and curiosity, and the more strongly they instill love for the written word. However, care should be taken when choosing children’s literature, especially in terms of content.

A Wild Day at the Zoo- Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 2) by Victor D. O. Santose is the perfect choice for all who have children for a huge number of reasons. To begin with, it must be noted that the main characters Dylan and Isabella are part of a multiethnic family, just like the other families in the zoo, which is not uncommon nowadays, but nonetheless can help children’s attitude and openness towards acceptance of different cultures and ethnicity. The very description of the family and their interactions will help children understand the importance of respecting and accepting cultural as well as linguistic differences. The mere fact that differences make us rich and knowledge of several languages ​​is a great asset. The children get a unique chance to discover words in a foreign language  such as Turkish, Portuguese or Ukrainian and to get acquainted with the idea that people can speak multiple languages,, in which country they speak one particular language etc.

What also thrilled me was the author’s masterful way of inserting facts about animals in a very interesting and easy-to-remember way for children. This picture book offers an opportunity for children to get acquainted with the concept of a zoo, what it is for, what it really is. What species of animals can be seen there, some of their characteristics or continents where they live.

The pets are presented as part of the family, a concept children need to understand  at an early age. At a time when the abuse of pets is quite common, every parent needs to influence the development of empathy and respectful behavior towards pets and animals, in general.

Isabella’s feat serves as a great example of children being able to understand that not all solutions are conventional, and that they themselves can be involved in finding a solution, as can adults.Their ideas and contributions can be just as important and valuable.

You already assume that I am extremely delighted about this picture book, as well as the author, right? You are absolutely right. After a few hours, enjoying together with my daughter, the layers, as well as the endless possibilities and wisdom that this fantastic picture book offers, delighted barely describes what I feel about it.  And can you imagine that tomorrow I have to go to the zoo? I would recommend the book to all parents wholeheartedly, and the visit to the zoo, as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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