Watch Me (Phoenix Book 1) by Stacey Kennedy

Title:  Watch Me (Phoenix Book 1)

Author: by Stacey Kennedy
Release Date:  15 Sep 2020

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In the Phoenix club, there is only one rule; watch, don’t touch, until the powerful owner falls for his new star in this deliciously intriguing romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy.

It’s her choice to play his game. If she says yes, there will be more on the line than just her pleasure.


Can the heat of someone’s touch erase the cruelty of someone’s cruel hands? Can tenderness chase the darkness of the pain that threatens to swallow you? Can tender kisses be a balm to the wounds, which slowly destroy that gentle being, which without choice, without a reason was thrown into a living hell, a hell that slowly overwhelms you and drags itself deeper and deeper ….The life of our heroine, Zoey, a living nightmare…

How to survive when the hopes are erased, no more tears left, and the mask … a constant companion in every new day. How much courage is needed to face the demons of the past and dare to get your twisted revenge. To get to that place. A secret place. A place of debauch, lust and irrationality. A place where there are enough wonders to amaze the whole world. Where the bodies intertwine, slowly move in a captivating melody of eroticism and passion, strong enough to shake you to the core. A place where the secrets of satisfaction are placed on a pedestal, and publicly exposed to the dazzled gazes of a strictly selected audience. The bodies are naked, but the name is hidden under the magic mask ….

Can a simple girl discover that place, where unseen dreams, unfulfilled desires and lust thrive? The place will give her the opportunity for the first time in her life to truly feel happiness. Zoey pay the entrance ticket, not with money, but a highly treasure gift- her virginity, once cherished, now a burden. She discovers her desires, and turns into a true siren of seduction, a symbol of carnal satisfaction and enjoyment, a top player at the game of giving and taking unbearable pleasure under the watchful eye of the master of all pleasures Rhys. And let the hot games begin, filled with moaning, touches that set the skin on fire, and sexual feats worthy of the boldest fantasies …. Sexual freedom in the true sense …

But can sexual freedom be captured by the ordinary … “I want you … only you?” What will happen when the masks fall and the hour of truth strikes? And they stand against each other … one man and one woman … two hearts beating in the same rhythm ….. Will the distance bring them closer or will it separate them forever?

 Once caught up in the loss of a very close person and faced with the fragility of life, Rhys will be able to see the light after all those years of gloomy pain and sorrow, but will he be able to keep her for ever?

Once in a lifetime, the twin of your soul appears. Once in a lifetime, they surrender to someone with all the body and soul. Only one love can be true love, and if life gives them a chance, will they use it? Or will there be a second chance?

Definitely, Watch Me (Phoenix Book 1) by Stacey Kennedy was not what I had expected. It impressed me in every sense, first of all, with explicit sexual scenes and descriptions that make you blush, but it forces you read and turn the pages with such enthusiasm, which overwhelms you from the very beginning to the end. All the appropriate language structures, easy to read and so full of details, which simply helps you visualize the images in front of you. And so many hidden messages that you simply want to think about.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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