Mia Marcotte and the Robot by Jeanne Wald

Title:  Mia Marcotte and the Robot

Author: Jeanne Wald
Release Date:   09 Jul 2019 

Goodreads  |  Amazon

“Inspiring read for those interested in STEM fields.” — Publishers Weekly

“Amusing story … about not giving up and the collective nature of success.” — Kirkus Reviews



The book is the best guide in the world of fantasy, each page opens new worlds for children, awakens new interests and introduces them to new friends. While they grow, books have a huge role in the lives of children, so it is important to choose quality content and inspirational stories. Mia Marcotte and the Robot by Jeanne Wald is more than a great choice for children around the world for many reasons.

First of all, if we take into account the fact that children are educated and prepared for jobs that may not yet exist, but 80% of those jobs are in some way related to STEM, then the topic as well as the inspiring and interesting content is more than important in encouraging children to take an interest in STEM at a very early age. To promote the view that the science is not just another school subject, difficult and unappealing to learn, but a series of interesting ideas, experiments and projects that are fun, social and easy to master.

The very fact that the author Jeanne Wald has a chosen girl Mia Marcotte, as a main character is great if we take the number of women in the world of STEM, more and more initiatives in the educational process tend to affect the interest of girls in careers in the field of science. science. Mia is fun, interesting, enthusiastic and so similar and ordinary like many other children, which will help child readers to identify with her. Her perseverance, as well as the fun moments while doing her experiments and attempts to fulfill her dream  are more than enough to intrigue the children and help them form their own attitude and opinion. Her big dream is a great motivator, which will help the children to understand that they should not give up after the first obstacle, but to constantly strive to improve and strive for success, without being discouraged when they encounter a problem.

Definitely a great choice for parents and teachers around the world. With simple language structures, easy to follow and understand and comical enough to hold your attention to the very end.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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