When Winter Comes – Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods by Aimée M. Bissonette

Title:  Winter Comes- Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods

Author: Aimée M. Bissonettee
Release Date:  13 Oct 2020 

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When winter comes,
and deep snow blankets the woods,
and ice forms cold and smooth on the lakes,
thick enough for us to skate on,
some people think our woods are empty.
But we know better.


An old Indian saying goes, “Treat the Earth well, you did not inherit it from your parents, instead you borrowed it from your children.” In fact, we are borrowing from future generations. The future of society depends on the wisdom that we will pass on to our children today. That is why it is important that parents will introduce their children to all those aspects of life, environment and nature.

In order to be able to influence the development of children from an early age, we need props, flash cards, poems, picture books, children’s books. The choice of children’s literature is huge nowadays, but to find the perfect book that will keep the children’s attention and at the same time convey the wisdom to them is a real rarity. When Winter Comes- Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods by Aimée M. Bissonettee is such a book. Interesting, rhyming verses that describe the wonderful illustrations are the first thing that will attract the children’s attention, and will entice them to embark on a whistling journey through the woods. All the animals that inhabit the forest are shown masterfully, with small details that help the children to easily memorize them. Winter as a concept is presented in detail, with mesmerizing illustrations and singing verses. Images and verses of winter activities subtly run through all the pages of the book, reminding the children of all those fun moments, playing in the snow that simply make them turn the pages, back and forth to keep that mental picture as long as possible.

The writing style is very solid, with simple language structures that are easy to follow, read and understand. The rhyming verses make the children sing with joy, and the pictures and illustrations are simply amazing.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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