A Highlander’s Captive (Highland Temptations # 1) by Aileen Adams

Title:  A Highlander’s Captive (Highland Temptations # 1)

Author: Aileen Adams
Release Date:  August 11, 2018

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Time to claim what is his family’s. More specifically, his brother’s. And so, bringing friends and allies, he takes back what is his family’s. The lands are theirs again. Except now, Rufus discovers his brother has abandoned the birthright, the land, all of this. He’s headed to new lands and new worlds.


Take lots of desire for revenge, a little insecurity, add an unbearable attraction, a lot of passion and finally put two sworn enemies within the Highlands …. Yes, this is the perfect recipe for an interesting love story. A story about imperfect characters who fell into the traps of destiny is what will excite you in the new book A Highlander’s Captive (Highland Temptations # 1) by Aileen Adams.

A story that mixes the past and the present, the desire for revenge and love, strong enough so everything else can be forgotten and make you jump into the vortices of the raging river, which destroying in its path.

Rufus MacIntosh, brave but defeated by the distance, strong enough to stand up and go into battle to regain what belonged to him and his family. To correct the mistakes that the evil forces inflicted on him without giving him any opportunity to fight back to protect his own. But will it work? Or destiny is toying with him again, when Davina MacFarland is thrown on his path, the personification of all that he hates and wants to destroy. Witty, brave, and yet so vulnerable in that world of injustice. Convicted before she was even born … A woman, and a woman has no value, right?

He and she…..one against the other…..Sworn enemies who try to avoid the influx of those feelings that irrevocably draw them to each other. Can the rudeness of the words destroy that connection which is increasing day by day? Can ignoring put an end to all those unwanted feelings that haunt them with every look, every word, every careless touch?

Definitely a story worth reading. The plot is quite interesting, and presented to a sufficient extent so that the reader does not get bored, and the characters are solidly built to allow you to experience the story with all its ups and downs.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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